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Background Check

Top 10 Best Background Check Services

Best for Background Check
  •  Get Unlimited Searches
  • It provide reports which are affordable
  •  It’s start at $4.95/Month
  •  Starting at $35
  • You can talk their support by toll number
Best for Background Check
  • It’s starting fees at $1
  • Get 5 Day Free Trial
  • It’s a subscription based model
  • Contact support by Toll free number from
    Monday to Friday (7am-7pm) PST
  • It is easy to use
Best for Background Check
  •  Its Starts at $39.95/month after discount
  •  It offers Reverse Phone Lookup, Reverse Email Lookup, Reverse Property Search
  •  You can search according to Name, Address history, Age and Date of Birth & Known Relatives
  • It offers education & work history check
  • Wide range of search options
Best for Background Check
  • Get access for trial that costs at $1 which last up to 7days
  •  It’s monthly membership starts at $18.28/month
  •  Get Unlimited access to background reports, contact information & phone lookups
  • It’s offer customized research
  • 24/7 Support Available
Best for Background Check
  • Obtain Public Records
  • Look up for Old Flame
  • It’s starts at $19.99
  • Access to 67 billion public records
  •  Provide Information such as (Birth & death certificates, Marriage & Divorce Records, Credit Reports & Many More)
Best for Background Check
  •  It starts at $28.05/Month
  • Support is available in working days from 10am to 10pm
  • Reports offered (People search, Background search, social network search)
  • Search by Name, Age and date of birth, Known aliases & Phone number
  • Get Free Trial Now
Best for Background Check
  • Get Record of Reverse Phone Lookup, People Search, Public Record Reports & Many more
  • 24/7 Support
  • Reach in depth search of search engine
  • Its offer 5 day free trial & starts at $22.97 per month
  • It’s easy to use
Best for Background Check
  • Get Reports of Education and professional history, Licenses, Blogs & Social media accounts
  •  It’s starts at $17.48 per month
  • Support Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm
  • It offers Unlimited Reports & Searches
  • Self-Monitored Background Reports

People Finder

PeopleFinders was founded in 1999 and has been online since 2002. PeopleFinders offers online information that has been gleaned from searching more than 10 billion public records. They offer background checks, basic people searches, and address histories. They are a well-respected and respected company with a long track record of success.

Background search: PeopleFinders provides a much more precise results in background search than any other site. It is actually easy to find someone by simply typing their name. You will be presented with report options that include information such as address history, real property, and other data.

People Search If you’re looking for someone to talk to, PeopleFinders is the best place. It takes only a name to get you started. The state and city help narrow down your search results. You also have a variety of additional search options such as a social profile search or a genealogy search. These are great ways to narrow down your search results and confirm you have found the right person.

Lina M. Johnson
I awarded Finders with four stars because I loved it! There's not one thing I dislike about it.

Because its data is formatted, I was able to quickly gather the information. I didn't need any assistance.

worked well and provided the information we asked for. I would recommend it. I would use it again.


One of the best things in Instant Checkmate is that it allows you to view an individual’s public records. You can quickly find out if they have any misdemeanors or felonies associated with their names. Instant Checkmate was founded in San Diego, California in 2010 and has been in operation since then. Instant Checkmate allows you to identify arrest records, phone numbers and court records. You can also create a personality sketch by donating charitable funds.Instant Checkmate has received a lot of positive reviews. They praise the company for its accuracy and attentive customer service. When I discovered that the company did not just answer customer complaints, but also solved them, I was convinced. Instant Checkmate allows you to search for information about people and conduct background checks. All you need is to enter the information about an individual. This could be a name, last name, address, phone number or other details. The background check service will give you a complete report that lists all public information about your search

Michelle G. White
If you ever need a background check, fast background check can provide it in only seconds. Instant Checkmate is the best we've seen yet.

Lisa J. Richards
The software met our needs and delivered according to specifications. I would recommend it. I would use it again in the future.

The feature has helped me get to know different people that I have not previously been around, and figure out if they’ve had a checkered past.


Intelius, a Seattle-based company that offers information services, allows you to locate people by name, address and phone number. It is part of People Connect Inc. which also owns Intelius is not a consumer report agency and therefore doesn’t offer consumer reports. For example, it can help you find contact information for family members or blind dates. You shouldn’t use it for screening for any type of information that is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Norman P. Leiva
The background check process is mostly smooth and easy. My only complaint is the cost.

Lena R. Trinh
The price was good for this background check. I was able to find out information.

Jay D. Hershey
Their services are cost competitive, and immensely efficient. Cost per article is fair for the amount of articles

People looker

You can specify one or more parameters to help narrow your search and make it more specific. You can enter the first and last names of people, as well as their address, email, and phone number After you have provided the parameters, the website analyzes large amounts of data and cross-references records to find the best match. PeopleLooker offers a detailed report, even though it takes some time. A typical People Search Report would include birthdate, first and last names (also maiden names). PeopleLooker also provides the following information PeopleLooker reviews reveal that people love the amount of information they receive. No matter what your starting information, PeopleLooker does an amazing job in finding the right person PeopleLooker is a good people search site that can help you protect yourself from financial frauds and dubious online service providers. It can be used to screen potential love partners. It’s common for people to create fake profiles online, so it’s a good idea to do a quick background check before you meet someone in person. This will ensure that you are not being cheated and that the person you see on the screen is real.

Brandy C. Busse
You can get a background check on potential employees in minutes. They were also a great success.

Joshua B. Woodbury
When I wasn't sure what to do, its made everything easy. Using my criteria, I found the ex for me and did all the legwork.

Melissa J.
They provide a quality service and purchase. It is an excellent brand to use for background checks.

People Whiz

PeopleWhiz was founded by a team to provide users with “highly detailed, accurate, and fast!” background reports. PeopleWhiz will provide public information including social media profiles, posts, photos, criminal records, and contact information. PeopleWhiz background checks do more than verify an individual’s identity. PeopleWhiz can help you find the “one who got away”, an ex-friend, or even a distant relative. PeopleWhiz can help you screen people in your life by providing information such as the name, city and state of the person PeopleWhiz is a trusted background check provider that has been featured on CNN, Forbes and MSNBC.

V. Paul
It doesn't often happen that a website has information about your competitors. Wow! Looks like this might be the case with people search.

Clara T. Taylor
I wanted to see how others would react to my life. I expected that people would say something about my situation and much as I had expected, they did.

J. Ashcraft
I hope that this report includes all of its promises, many unanswered questions will likely be resolved. Thank you team you are the best

Truth Finder

TruthFinder has many of the same features as other background check services. You can search both public and private databases, and if you can identify possible relatives and associates of your search subject.
TruthFinder will identify you if it is successful. You could get a report that contains important information about your search. These information will be gathered from various sources, including social media profiles and criminal records.
TruthFinder also provides self-monitoring tools. This allows you to view your record and see what potential employers or other people searching for you will see. You can also claim a specific record through TruthFinder. You can correct any errors also you can hide them from other TruthFinder users by doing this.
You may be receiving suspicious calls from a number you do not recognize. TruthFinder can help you identify the owner by using its reverse phone lookup feature. TruthFinder can sometimes reveal the owner’s social media profiles and photos.

Rory L. Ramos
I gave five stars to truthfinder because it was easy to use, and I obtained the desired results quickly. The price wasn't too high either.

Frederick R. Hollis
Truthfinder is very affordable. However, you have to go through a lot of information before receiving service.
Best service

Susan B. Watkins
I feel as though I cannot register any complaints on truthfinder. It has been responsive, and gives me all the information I'm looking for.

Check People

It’s better to hire professionals for help when you begin your research. Online background check services have the resources and know-how to locate all kinds of information you may not be able to find. CheckPeople has a complete toolkit at their disposal, and can serve as a one-stop shop to help you find the answers and information that you need. CheckPeople scans many folks records including marriage records ,phone books, divorce  and criminal records. They also perform instant “deep web searches” to locate hidden social media accounts, websites and online posts. All this information is combined into one comprehensive report. A low monthly fee is required to get unlimited searches. This only requires you to punch in the name of the person and scroll through the results as they appear. CheckPeople searches a variety of public databases for information to perform background checks. This includes arrest records, as well as all other public records. Deep web searches can also be done by CheckPeople. This will allow you to find old and forgotten blogs posts or social media accounts, as well as other information that may have been lost in the internet ether.

Mickey T. Wagner
It was fairly cheap, but came with some information that was expected and at a low cost. Overall, it was a
good experience.

David H. Johnson
It would have been helpful if they had included more information on the people, but you can find what you are looking for just fine and quickly.

Robert C. Sherry
When I found myself struggling for ideas for a blog post, I was very hesitant to turn to my family for advice. But I decided to try this service out and wow! I’m glad.

Been Verified

BeenVerified offers a combination service that provides several identity theft protection services. This includes background checks, phone number lookups and credit history reports. BeenVerified provides both professional-monitored and self-monitoring identity services. You can rest assured that you will cover all bases. You can also access public records quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively through this method. BeenVerified does not offer identity theft services. It is a background checking service that has excellent tools to keep tabs on your identity. BeenVerified provides two types of protection. Professional monitoring and self-monitoring. Professional monitoring scans the web looking for sensitive information such as your email address. It will send you an alert if it finds any information. You can then deal with the information as appropriate. This is an efficient and smart way to ensure that your personal identifying data doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Sensitive data such as passwords, password hint, usernames and email addresses are all scanned. This includes information about passwords, passwords, usernames, password hints, credit history, purchasing habits, family structure and income levels. Information about your phone number, property, and accounts can be retrieved. You can pin up to 10 reports each month (identities) to BeenVerified to have them all monitored. The service will continue scanning dark web, social media channels and other outlets for any mentions of your personal information. If your information is flagged again, you will be notified immediately and the report updated so that you can take immediate action.

Roy L. Irvin
A powerful tool that has been in use for years, it is easy to use and results are fairly accurate. I've recently been able to track a vehicle that was unknown.

Verified has allowed me to do all of my background checks in an efficient manner. Customer service is quick to respond with any questions.

Anthony D. Tang
This software is easy to use, which is a desirable quality when looking for a writing service. The information provided has been accurate and trustworthy so far.