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Top 10 DNA Testing Companies of 2022

Best for DNA Testing
  •  Get Access More than 15.7 billion historical records
  •  It is available in 42 Languages
  •  It has database of more than 96 Million User
  • Improved accuracy
  • It starts at $59
Best for DNA Testing
  •  Starting from $59 Per kit
  •  Get access to worldwide database
  • Results in 6-8 Weeks
  • Tests More than 26 Personal Traits
  • Get it for $99
Best for DNA Testing
  • Name & Birthday All you get To Started
  • View Family Trees in Different Ways
  • It’s starts at $14.95 per month
  • More Than 2Billion Records
  • Free shipping
Best for DNA Testing
  •  Get Support from One Great Family
  •  Very fascinating tree merging concept
  •  Video are also available for help
  • It starts at $6.67/Month
  • Fascinating tree-merging concept.
Best for DNA Testing
  •  Search More than 515+ million historical records
  •  It’s very easy to use and have lot of fun and have helpful activities
  •  It’s Have active community
  •  It’s start at £4.95/Month
Best for Teeth Whitening
  •  Get In-depth research and analysis
  •  Can Trace Family Trees
  • Finding birth mother
Best for DNA Testing
  •  It’s have a member fee of $46-50/month
  •  Contact Support: 24/7
  •  You will get answers by email, text, phone

My heritage

MyHeritage offers the two most powerful tools for genealogical research: cutting-edge genetic testing and the best family tree services in the industry.
MyHeritage’s DNA test kit has become one of the most popular kits, due to its affordability and features. You can also easily research your family tree with a MyHeritage subscription. MyHeritage offers a DNA testing kit with over 40 genetic regions, allowing you to learn about your ethnicity and pinpoint your ancestors. You also have access to the company’s data centers for quick access to their family history information.

M. Gray
They've provided outstanding services in the number of properties I've used them for already. They are that good!

John D. Taylor
I was very happy with the service I received, and I would recommend them to others. they are best service providers

Verda J. Jones
. MyHeritage Help was very helpful in guiding me, politely, and thoroughly. Their service deserves a raise!


AncestryDNA is the in-home DNA testing service of Ancestry.com, and since its opening in 2012 it has become one of the biggest names in DNA testing. With over 10 million users, AncestryDNA offers a better chance for you to find someone genetically related that you do not know about.

Tara M. Gray
find family and relatives that we never knew exist discovering your ancestor's has really been self rewarding in so many ways to me

Paul D. Taylor
With Ancestry, you can find your roots as well as enabling them to find theirs with a single site. It is my favorite genealogical site.

Verda J. Jones
Best customer care in this specific field. I definitely will be recommending “Ancestry” to Friends and family. it is best


Although the historical database of Find My Past is not as large as other sites, it has over 2 billion records. The focus of Find My Past is on Britain and Ireland. There are 1 billion results. This gives you a lot of detailed statistics. If you are from these regions, you might find more results on Find My Past than you would on another site’s larger database. There are actually twice as many Irish records than any other database. These records go back over a thousand years, up to AD 850. It’s easy to build your family tree using Find My Past. It is possible because the system allows you to begin with the basics. You can then add relatives. The site also offers suggestions, which is how it makes its money. Find My Past offers a free 14-day trial to let you see if it’s right for you. You can cancel at any time if you don’t like it. You can cancel at any time if you don’t need it anymore.


William C. Nicholes
The site is user friendly and very easy to access certificates immediately which I loved making it easy to continue your search.

Michelle C. Tate
“Find My Past” has detailed documentation. I appreciate its accuracy, because it is much cheaper than other family search platforms.

Janis K. Dodson
I researched my great grandparents and found out how they were estranged from family members. They have a great website.


OneGreatFamily offers a seven-day free trial. Your credit card will be charged at the end of the period. Monthly payments can be made for as low as $14.95 or as high as $6.67 per month if you pay upfront for the full year ($79.95).The transparency of the free trial is a plus. It was explained clearly during the sign up process. OneGreatFamily explains how to cancel your account and when your credit card will charge if you don’t do anything. In my case, I received an email with all this information. However, the end date indicated that I had one month to cancel. You can also choose your email preferences at sign-up. This includes the ability to receive emails about any ancestors they have found. Based on your sign up information, your family tree entry will be created. A sidebar contains interesting facts about you. According to their database, Mary, my legal name, is the most common.OneGreatFamily suggests adding at least 18 names in your family tree to increase the chance of finding matches with other family trees.

David A. Freed
The site is easy to navigate and lets users get their certificates immediately so they can continue their search.

Sharon T. Moss
Using very easy this website, open-web standards, Its delivers a good user experience too.

Lena R. Trinh
I researched my great-grandparents and found out how they had a difficult time adjusting to their family members.

Genes Reunited

Genes Reunited, a genealogy research and family-tree-building system, is one of the most simple to use. Genes Reunited brings a fresh spin to the heritage industry with live events, chat groups and community talk. Genes Reunited has more than 515 millions vital records. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Genes Reunited is an interactive genealogy platform that combines a vast array of vital records with an interactive platform. This will increase your chances of connecting to your past and current relatives. You’ll also find a great group of people to chat with, ask questions, and share your journey with.

James L. Walter
its provided helpful customer service with honesty and reliability. I was not the company's first choice, but they verified my family history.

Dave D. Vance
I appreciated its thoughtfulness and precision for offering me my genetic results with honestly and reliability. It is my 1st choice

I appreciated its thoughtfulness and precision for offering me my genetic results. it was a really useful website and very helpful.

Legacy Tree

Legacy Tree Genealogists has the best genealogists in the industry to help you with your deep heritage research. Legacy Tree can help you find the right information, whether you need to learn about your ancestral lineage or discover your birth parents. Legacy Tree offers several research packages and can tailor a plan to meet your specific project needs. This is a wonderful feature, as everyone’s genealogy journey is unique. It makes sense to also offer a customized research plan.

Francis J. Bruno
I commissioned Legacy Tree Genealogists to research my wife's family as a surprise birthday present.

Evon R. Fisher
I downloaded an app on my phone called Legacy Tree.I signed up to the website and gave the company my information.

Elizabeth L. Shore
Legacy Tree Genealogists has provided economic assistance in my genealogical research, finding me the information.


JustAnswer does not offer traditional online medical care. You can ask thousands of experts in your field about their expertise on JustAnswer. You can purchase a membership to have unlimited access to a doctor and ask unlimited questions. Premium Services include phone and video chats, which are charged at an additional rate.  JustAnswer offers a completely different experience than traditional healthcare providers. JustAnswer Medical is not a provider of treatment. It provides answers to your medical questions. Ask a question and an expert will respond. According to the company, most questions can be answered in 5 minutes. In some cases, it may take up to 24 hours. You can ask unlimited questions to the doctor until your satisfaction is achieved. To determine if you have a skin condition, the doctor can take photos.

Patrick L. Phelps
This is an aggregate service that allows you to recover up in content services and not have to pay by the hour. This means that you'll be in power with a timely AI writer who doesn't waste time.

Helen R. Brown
Surprised with how efficient and responsive Quick Veterinary Advice was, our family dog was checked out by a professional Vet. Well received. Best Services.

James A. Anderson
They responded back to me quickly and gave me a lot of helpful information. They really were valuable to me. Quality and best services. I really appreciate the team.