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Smile Brilliant Review

The Missouri-based Smile Brilliant was founded by Betty Shah, a dentist. Shah began the company in 2014, along with her co-founder  businessmen Amir Shah, Osmaan Shah along with Mike Bluestone. The staff of the business is an experienced team of hygienists and dental specialists with more than 30 years of work experience in dentistry, and also with technology for tooth-whitening. The founders of the company noticed the huge difference in the quality between whitening strips from the drugstore and gels, as well as the in-chair treatments for dental. They also observed how much dedication was needed to achieve great results – frequent visits, and at least an hour of time spent in the office. Even the home-based whitening kits certain dentists provide require just a few visits and can cost hundreds. To reduce the cost and time involved to the procedure, Shah along with co. created Smile Brilliant to make dental-quality whitening accessible directly to the public.

Smile Brilliant Smile Brilliant team drew from their experiences with tray-based whitening. They created a product that blended the efficacy of office treatments and the convenience of home whitening strips, and the result was more gentle for sensitive teeth. Since the launch of its first whitening system in 2014 Smile Brilliant has expanded to offer other dental hygiene products as well! This company sells electronic brushing machines, dental floss along with nightguards. They also sell other specialty dental items like highlights for plaque, probiotics, and dental floss along with water flossers. Join us as we present our Smile Brilliant review covers the benefits of purchasing from this brand that is growing!

How Does Smile Brilliant Work? 

Smile Brilliant is an online business that offers a variety of dental products. All you need to do to get started with their products is to shop on their website and choose the right product for you. Then wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.

Smile Brilliant can take a mold of your teeth and send it to them. They will then create custom-made trays for teeth whitening or night guards and return it to you ready to use.

Your new guards and trays will be custom-made to fit your mouth. Teeth whitening Trays have more room for the Whitening Gel. The instructions for using Smile Brilliant products are simple to follow, and all of them come with your purchase. Covers the cost of sending impressions. You can also purchase refills of gel, brushes heads, or other accessories in singles, or at a slightly reduced price. Smile Brilliant ships internationally. Prices vary so make sure to check the shipping cost for your country.

DIY Teeth Whitening with Smile Brilliant [The Process in Details]

To begin your teeth-whitening journey, you will first need to get your own custom teeth-whitening tray. You create impressions of your upper or lower teeth using the base pastes and catalyst. Every impression tray is marked with a number that corresponds to your return card number. This number ensures that the trays you receive are correctly matched. This is a security measure to prevent any mix-ups. It is important that both the cards and the tray are returned in the same envelope with postage paid. In case of mixing another batch, you will be provided with an additional set of base pastes and catalysts. You can throw away any extras that are not needed after the trays have been created. Make sure to read all instructions before you begin the Smile Brilliant bleaching process. All materials are necessary. The entire kit, all instructions, paper towels, and a glass of water are included. The timer was set on my phone by a friend. It is important to be organized and prepared for all the steps involved in creating impressions.

Teeth Whitening Process

You’ll be eager to start once your whitening trays arrive. Be patient! Take your time and learn the steps before you start the first treatment. 

Please take a moment to read the enclosed information about desensitizing or whitening. You should also read the instructions.

Make sure that you have everything you need when you’re ready. You may need to keep a towel or paper towel handy in case you have excess saliva and gels.

The kit includes tubes of desensitizing and whitening gel. The desensitizing gel is useful for sensitive teeth. It can prevent the pain and tenderness that comes with whitening. This gel may be necessary. This gel does not affect the actual whitening process. The desensitizing process does not affect the whitening process. This is why it is not covered. It did not help my gum sensitivity (rather than my teeth).

Step 1: Prepare for Whitening. Before you begin your whitening treatment, make sure to brush your teeth well. (Please see note below regarding flossing for sensitive gums). Keep a small towel handy to remove any gel that has escaped from the tray onto your gums. Although it is unlikely that you will be harmed by small amounts of gel, you can still spit out excess saliva and gel onto a towel. You should use a towel that is not affected by the whitening agents. The gel bubbles up from the trays after it has been placed on your teeth. You may feel some sensitivity when the gel touches your gums and teeth. The desensitizing gel might be helpful for sensitive teeth. To lessen your sensitivity, you should not floss right away after whitening. I have sensitive gums. I flossed right away before I tried the whitening gel for the first time. It was almost instantaneous. It was a 10. The pain lasted into the next day. It made it difficult to eat and drink comfortably. The burning did not last as long as the previous whitening treatments. I also didn’t floss before each treatment. The burning was a 7. This time, it lasted only 10 minutes and was on a scale from 1-10.

Step 2 – Preparing Trays Before you start to prepare the trays, make sure your hands are clean and dry. If you are using the whitening gel-syringe for the first time, twist or cut the tip. Press the syringe gently, but steadily and firmly, so that a clear gel ribbon is placed inside the tray. The liner should reach approximately halfway along its length. The gel is applied where the outer teeth’s surface meets the tray. The gel should be applied along the edges of each tray cavity. It takes about 1/2 ml gel per tray.

Step 3 – Whitening and Inserting Trays

After gel has dried, the trays can be placed into the mouth and on the teeth. Place the tray so it is pressed forward onto your teeth.

You may find some gel ooze from the tops of the trays near your gum line. To reduce sensitivity, wipe off the excess gel. Continue with the other tray. You can use both trays at the same time.

Depending on how sensitive you are to whitening, the trays can be left on your teeth for between 20 and 3 hours. The trays can be worn while you go about your daily activities and business, but they should not be used to sleep. I used to spend the time reading a book or watching a movie, and forgot that they were in my mouth.

Rinse your teeth with water after brushing. Before storing, rinse and dry the trays. Gels should be kept in cool, dry places away from direct sunlight. Gels can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 years.

What Do Customers Think?

Smile Brilliant has verified customer reviews on their website. Many customers have reviewed the Teeth Whitening Treatment – and they were very happy with the results!

This product was appreciated by people with severe stains on their teeth. In his Smile Brilliant review, one customer wrote that he quit smoking 25+ years ago and now enjoys smiling confidently again. After 14 treatments, I noticed immediate improvements in my teeth. I would recommend .” Another person shared their experience with Smile Brilliant, commenting, “It took a lot of sessions to get dark teeth to whiten, but it worked!” 

Smile Brilliant customers are also happy to report that they didn’t feel any sensitivity following their treatments. Smile Brilliant customers share their Smile Brilliant reviews: “The custom tray fitted perfectly. My biggest concern was the lack of sensitivity. also reviewed Smile Brilliant. also reviewed Smile Brilliant. She was impressed with how simple it was to follow the Teeth whitening tray procedure and create her impressions. The tray creation instructions are clear and simple .”

Lifetimevibes’ reviewer also enjoyed a positive experience using his CariPRO electric toothbrush. In his Smile Brilliant review, he says that he loves this toothbrush. The brush is quick and cleans my teeth in just 2 minutes. This toothbrush is definitely a step up from my previous toothbrush .”

Smile Brilliant customers love the brand’s innovative and accessible approach to dental hygiene.

Is Smile Brilliant Worth It?

Smile Brilliant does not replace regular dental care. Smile Brilliant offers a wide range of high-quality, affordable and simple-to-use whitening products.

Smile Brilliant is a great choice if you’re looking for a quick and easy whitening system, a toothbrush upgrade, or a new product in hygiene like a water flosser.

The brand offers a thoughtful and innovative range of products to customers around the globe at significantly lower prices than similar products and treatments. They are also created by highly skilled dental professionals and come with detailed instructions and explanations.

Smile Brilliant has received many positive reviews from customers who love the ease and comfort of their products and the great results they achieve. This review of Smile Brilliant can be used to recommend this company.

Smile Brilliant Promotions & Discounts 

Smile Brilliant doesn’t have any current promotions but they do occasionally make significant sales on their products. Their Whitening Systems were on sale with discounts, and their Water Flosser cost only $59 instead of $98.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation for Smile Brilliant

I had tried other OTC whitening products and was skeptical about the effectiveness of Smile Brilliant. Surprisingly, the results were amazing. I noticed a difference in my skin’s whitening after the second treatment. The whitening effect was evident after 8 treatments. I was extremely happy with the results. I’m happy.