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SimpliSafe Review- An Online Home Security System

SimpliSafe is a company that values its customers which currently provides protection to more than 3 million individuals across the US. With no contracts and no charges that aren’t disclosed there’s no reason to wonder why SimpliSafe has been twice the award winner for CNET’s Editor’s Choice Award for home security. SimpliSafe’s goal is to help people live their lives in a safe manner without adding any difficulty, stress or hassle to their lives. SimpliSafe was developed by the founder Chad Laurans, with this idea in mind: Safety should be easy. Therefore, he created an application that is simple to install yourself, simple to buy online and does not require a contract nor phone line. It’s wireless, cellular and customizable. This means that it can be used anywhere and will be suitable for any home, apartment or office

Why Go With SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe has removed the barriers stopping customers from enrolling in home security systems , by getting rid of the annual contract, middleman, and landlines. SimpliSafe aims to offer top-quality security for less than half the cost typical home security firms cost.

SimpliSafe lets customers control of their alarm system using an easy-to-use smartphone application:

  • Arm & Disarm instantly with the press of an button
  • Utilize an Event Log in order to see when children get home from school . Check what time the alarm was set and disarmed using the child’s personal PIN
  • Be aware of your home’s temperature while you are away to avoid freezing pipes and costly damages
  • Check the status of the Burglar, Fire, Carbon Monoxide, and Flood alarms any time you’d like
  • Free App is available on iPhone and Android

With a wireless 100% system, customers can upgrade their sensors at any time. SimpliSafe alarms are simple to upgrade, with the system able to support the possibility of up to 41 sensors. with this company , there’s no telephone line to be cut. The alarm system wireless will be equipped with cellular technology built-in to transmit your alarm’s signals to SimpliSafe’s 24 hours a day Live Monitoring Center.


One of the most appealing aspects concerning SimpliSafe is that it’s a nimble system with five pre-configured packages that are available. For the most expensive package, you can choose the Haven package ($489) that includes 14 hardware components comprising the base station with a wireless keypad, the keychain remote and two motion sensors. four entry sensors for windows and doors as well as a panic button the 105 decibel siren as well as carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, freeze and water sensors, as well as an SimpliSafe home sign, window and yard decals. The cheapest Foundation package ($229) It’s made for small-sized houses and is focused solely on the basics of home security. It comes with the base station with a wireless keypad, the motion detector, an entry sensor, as well as a yard sign as well as decals. There are often discount offers on these products and you can also select elements to create your own customized security system starting from beginning to finish.

If you’d like to purchase any of the SimpliCam indoor security cameras they’re each $99. The 140-degree, 1080p Outdoor Wireless Outdoor Security Camera will cost you $169.99. Its price is $169. video Doorbell Pro is a smart doorbell with an embedded 1080p camera. The cost of $99 smart Lock permits keyless entry. SimpliSafe isn’t usually offering packages that include cameras, doorbell or lock as add-ons, but we’ve seen the company include a SimpliCam as part of a limited-time special price offer.

Additional components can be purchased separately to make your own custom package or add more to the existing. If you’ve got a lot of windows on the first floor such as, for instance it could be a good idea to get glass break sensors ($34.99) or more entrance sensors ($14.99 each and the system is able to support as many as 100 sensors). If you have several entryways to your house it is possible to purchase more entry points ($69.99 per).

If you’re looking for a single-source home security solution that includes more than security, adding sensors to the environment is a good idea. Smoke detectors cost $29.99 each, and you can connect them to your monitoring program, which will notify you by text or email when an alarm goes off and dispatch first responders to your house when there is fire. Sensors for temperature ($29.99 each) notify you when the temperature drops below 41 degrees to prevent pipes from burst and sensors for water ($19.99 each) will alert you to floods and leaks.

Reasons to Choose SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is a great choice for security. SimpliSafe there aren’t any annual contracts. Customers stay with the company because of their high-quality security technologies and well-known customer service and not due to contracts. They provide a 60-day cash refund guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied.

SimpliSafe utilizes simultaneously Verizon as well as T-Mobile to get a reliable mobile signal. This means that you don’t require a phone line or an internet connection or any other to make your device work. It has built-in cell technology that works right from the beginning. Its sensors wireless come with the capability of protecting up to 400 feet. homes of all sizes. The systems can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

What’s Unique About SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe has a wireless connection and can be installed in less than an hour. It is programmed to start working immediately. Customers can benefit from the DIY setup option to save hundreds of dollars on installation, and thousands on no-annual contract Alarm monitoring programs.

With less than $50 per day you will have professionals who will ensure the security of your residence around the clock. Sign up and your system will send the alarm signal to Simplisafe . They will contact you to make sure you’re secure, and will then notify the police. Simplisafe is the few monitoring firms that provide expert monitoring services on a month-tomonth basis.

Security Services

It’s possible to get away with thinking that SimpliSafe may not have the same security options than some of its bigger competitors, especially because it is primarily geared towards apartment buildings. We were however not able to find anything lacking from their product that comes with remotes with wireless keyboards and keypads as well as motion detection entry sensors panic buttons, 105dB sirens , and many more.

Beyond the burglary and criminal prevention systems, SimpliSafe also extend their understanding of home security to protect against environmental hazards – by having water and smoke sensors in addition to carbon monoxide monitors as well as freeze sensors.

Monitoring Services

SimpliSafe also provides round the 24/7 monitoring in conjunction with their strong security model. Security experts trained in security keep track of the condition of your house at a central point in Massachusetts responding to threats and alerts , by making sure you are safe and contacting the appropriate authorities if needed.

The monitoring goes beyond the mere unauthorized entry into your home It also keeps tabs on other appliances (smoke carbon monoxide, freeze and flooding.) A unique “Secret Alert” system can be set up to notify you when specific cabinets or drawers are opened so that you can stop anyone getting a taste of your favorite liquor without authorization.

Mobile Readiness

Due to the wireless nature of SimpliSafe’s products and services It’s not a surprise to learn that there’s an entirely developed security application that allows users to manage and monitor their devices remotely. The application is free and works with Apple, Android and Windows smartphones. It gives users the capability control their devices maintain event logs on the activity, check temperatures and the status of each component of the equipment installed. The majority of the monitoring plans include the ability to send email or SMS alerts, along with cellular connectivity for additional security

Help & Support

SimpliSafe is among the most friendly security companies and we were pleased to find that it has outstanding customer satisfaction ratings as well as a wide range of assistance options. Like any self-installer that offers online and offline customer support is an essential feature that the company has dedicated an entire section the website’s content to. The tab ‘Community’ contains blogs, forums for users newsletters, checklists, questions and a section that provides instant assistance for troubleshooting. Contact with SimpliSafe can be made via an office-hours telephone line or via e-mail, which usually responds within one working day.

Bottom Line

This company is ideal to those seeking an affordable home security system which is simple to install with no long-term commitments to contracts. The only drawback of this option is the steep initial expense for equipment. SimpliSafe is also able to provide excellent customer service which is known as customer-focused and not sales-oriented.