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Select Home Warranty Review: Is It Worth The Cost?

Since its inception, Select Home Warranty has provided buyers with home appliances and system protection. With the exception of Nevada, New York, Washington along with Wisconsin, Select offers 3 plans for home warranties across the country. New customers are eligible for discounts by making an upfront payment and all plans come with the roof leak protection for free. But, the coverage limits are less than those offered by many other competitors. Customers also have access to 24 hour support by phone.

Select Home Warranty Plans

Select Home Warranty offers 3 plans that provide coverage for the majority of your home’s main appliances and systems. The Bronze Care plan provides coverage for 11 appliances beginning at $57 a month or $588 for the year. Alternately, you can select it’s Gold Care plan, which covers 4 appliances, including your ductwork as well as your water heater. The cost on this Gold Care plan starts at $57 per month, or $588 annually.

If you’re looking for full coverage for your home, Select’s Platinum Care plan includes all the benefits that are included in the Bronze and Gold Care Plans plus coverage for garage door openers as well as ceiling fan. The cost of this Platinum Care plan begins at $63 per calendar month or $660 over the course of a year.

Plan Exclusions

Select Home Warranty only covers repairs or replacements resulting from wear and wear and tear. According to its conditions and conditions, Select states that it doesn’t cover commercial equipment or appliances and systems that are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, Select only extends cover to single-family houses, townhouses, condos or modular residences. The policy does not extend to multi-family homes or commercial properties. Furthermore, Select does not cover any pre-existing condition.

Select Home Warranty Plan Pricing

Overall, Select’s rates are in good agreement with most of its rivals particularly if you are eligible for discounts that are available. In the course of this review we created a cost estimate for a one-family home located in Austin, Texas. Based on this data it is estimated that it appears that the Bronze and Gold Care plans cost $38 per month , or $404.99 annually. The Platinum Care plan is $44.34 per month, or $474.99 for the year. Alongside your annual cost, you will pay a fee for each visit to the clinic. The fee for services ranges from $60 and $75 based the location you live in.

Coverage Details for Top Systems and Appliances

Heating & Air Conditioning & Heating

The coverage includes the flooring cooling unit and system components like compressors, condenser fan motors condensers, thermostats relays, capacitors, thermotors, pressure switches and cut-in switches and start assist devices, transformers defrost boards and blower motors that can be up to a 5ton capacity. Wall, window or portable air conditioners aren’t covered by Select. If you’re looking for coverage for walls, American Home Shield covers ducted units geothermal wall unit and mini-splits.

Heating coverage is identical-only primary heating systems with five tons of capacity are covered. It is important to note that the HVAC unit has an annual insurance limit of $2,000 for each contract period for both heating and air conditioning and heating, which is a total of amount of $4,000. Every item is covered by the Gold Care and Platinum Care plans.


Select Home Warranty covers electrical system components, which include wiring sub-panels, service panels switch, outlets, breakers junction boxes, and ground fault interrupters. The warranty doesn’t provide coverage for any damage to electrical systems caused by fire, flood or water, corrosion lightning, rust or flooding or lightning, and doesn’t cover ductwork that’s not properly sized or crushed. Go to the Select Home Warranty website for precise annual caps as well as an estimate for free.


Select protects for the following pipes and components that break or leak in the drain, water waste or vent lines, not caused by damage due to root freezes or freezing or tree roots; tank toilets as well flushing systems; angles stoppers; and risers. Stoppages in plumbing are also covered. They provide protection for vent, drain as well as drain lines up 100 feet away from the point of access (except the case of damage or obstruction due to tree root damage).

The things not covered from the coverage of plumbing are slab leaks, water softeners or polybutylene pipes. The plumbing system as well as stoppages in the plumbing system are covered for up to $500 per contract term, or $1000 in total.


Select covers all the components of a refrigerator that are essential to its operation. The components include control boards, compressors thermostats, damper control wire harness, evaporator motor condenser motors, relays, pressure switches contactors, start assist and thermistors. The refrigerator should be situated within the kitchen area to be covered under the warranty.

Select provides coverage that cover up to $500 per contract period and refrigerator protection is provided with the Gold Care plan and the Platinum Care plan. The sealed system isn’t covered.


All the components and parts of electric or gas ovens, ranges and stoves that are essential to their operation are covered. The control boards, burners the thermostats, broilers thermostats, heat elements ignition modules, igniters and spark igniters all covered as part of the warranty. The warranty does not cover the hood on the range.

The stove/oven is covered for with a maximum of $500 per contract period.

Clothes dryer and washer

Similar to the protection offered for your refrigerator, oven/stove/range all components and components of the dryer and washer that are required to allow the appliance to work are covered. Motors, drain pump, gas valves, control boards heating elements, thermostats, igniters and wire harnesses and tub bearings, ignition modules and assemblies, as well as motor bearings. Motor bearings can be protected in both dryers and washers. Each unit is covered up to a limit of $500 coverage per contract term , or $1,000 total.

How to file a claim with Select Home Warranty

With Select it is possible to submit claims online 24/7 or by calling 1-855-267-3532. When we receive your request for service, Select will dispatch a professional who is certified to make an appointment for you within two to four days. The service fee is due at the date of your appointment and on each subsequent visit to address the same problem.

Select cannot guarantee that it will the appliance or system that is similar color or brands or size. In order to qualify for coverage Select might need you to submit maintenance records for up to three years. Review Select’s terms and condition on its website or in your service agreement to find a complete list of the components and parts that are excluded from coverage.

Furthermore it limits coverage per item and per period. The coverage limits are:

  • HVAC: $2,000/term
  • Electrical, plumbing, and appliance systems for $500/term
  • Additional coverage options for $400/term

Is Select Home Warranty Legit?

Select Home Warranty has been operating for nine years, and is headquartered located in New Jersey. Although it’s not registered by the Better Business Bureau, it is accredited by ConsumerAffairs which awards the business 4.4 out of five stars. However, it has received more than 4,199 complaints within the last three years, mostly relating to delays or service issues. Nonetheless, picked Select as its “Editor’s Choice” for the 2021 Home Warranty Awards based on its plans, customer service, availability, and cost.

What’s Unique About Select Home Warranty?

New customers can get a discount when they sign up online or by phone. If you purchase an entire year of coverage upfront, Select deducts up to $150 off the cost of your premium. It also offers 2 months of no-cost coverage. Most importantly, Select offers no roof leak insurance for all its plans.

Help and Support

Contact Select’s customer support team via the phone 24 hours all week long.

If you prefer to submit your query through email, you can do so through Although Select permits you to file claims online but it does not provide an online homeowner portal through which you can keep track of the status of your claim, or check the plan’s details. Select has FAQs on its website to answer questions about basic procedures as well as terms and conditions. The Select blog has articles on issues related to home maintenance, as well as advice, tips and the most effective methods.

State Availability

Select Home Warranty is available in 46 states (not comprising Nevada, New Mexico, Washington along with Wyoming).

How to Get Started with Select Home Warranty

It is possible to sign up for Select Home Warranty online or by phone. If you decide to sign up on the internet, Select will provide you with an instant quote once you have provided your zip code as well as your name, email address and telephone number. You can also call an agent from its Customer Service department to choose your plan and features on the phone.

If you choose to terminate your insurance, Select will fully refund the amount of premiums you have paid if you can cancel within 30 days of signing the contract. If you do not cancel within the initial 30 days and you are still eligible for an amount prorated. But, Select will charge a processing cost of $75 if you cancel within the initial 30-day period.

Coverage Exclusions

To be eligible for your system as well as appliances to qualify under any of the Select Home Warranty plans, they must be in operating condition and free of any existing conditions prior to the plan’s start date. There are a few exclusions , such as:

  • Tankless or solar-powered water heaters
  • Water softeners
  • Solar heating systems
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Incorrectly installed ductwork
  • Window air conditioners
  • Humidifiers

Select Home Warranty plans include specific limits on repairs and replacements for various kinds of equipment. For instance HVAC systems are covered by the option of a coverage limit or allowance which can reach $2,000. Appliances such as plumbing, electrical, and heating can be replaced or repaired in the amount of $500. the coverage options for additional items are usually limited to $400.

Bottom Line

From 2012 onwards, Select Home Warranty has given warranty coverage to homeowners. In addition to Washington, Wisconsin, Nevada in addition to New York, you can buy coverage through Select across the country. It offers three home warranty plans and new customers can be eligible in the amount of $150 plus two months of coverage for free when they pay in advance. While it does offer no roof leak coverage but it offers less coverage than some of its competitors. Support is available 24 hours a day by email and phone, and Select offers homeowners the option of making a claims online.