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Private VPN UAE Review

First thing to be saying about PrivateVPN? It’s underrated. This is a good small VPN with a seven-day trial. It’s not a standout for being a company that offers an impressive suite of security. Although it’s not one of the most well-known VPNs, this provider is competitive with the market leaders… which frequently beats them!

PrivateVPN provides options that are an efficient benefit to your security and provide a comfortable browsing experience. It is a great choice for torrenting as it provides an proxy for SOCKS5 and HTTP. Additionally streaming services won’t put an increase in stress as they limit your content choices. It is user-friendly, and offers solid security. It’s also the cherry on top, your activity logs won’t get stored.

Are you hooked and eager to learn more? If so, then in this PrivateVPN overview, you’ll discover everything you need to know. In terms of speed, performance and security, to security and customer service This is what you should think about before purchasing PrivateVPN.

Streaming: Does PrivateVPN be used with Netflix?

If you look into the forums to find the best VPN to stream it will be apparent that PrivateVPN is mentioned frequently. It wasn’t a long time for me to figure out the reason.

It didn’t take much effort to remove geo-restricted YouTube videos as well as BBC iPlayer This makes PrivateVPN an ideal choice for all your streaming requirements. In addition, some of the more well-known providers struggle with iPlayer.

While Netflix did work and the VPN allowed for unblocking restricted videos, the quality of streaming was not great. It’s not clear who’s responsible for this, or the VPN or even the provider, since Netflix recently has experienced some problems with the increased load for their servers.

Even DAZN that only a handful of VPN is able to unlock access to, was available with PrivateVPN. Also, during the tests we conducted, PrivateVPN got us through to all restricted services that we tried. This isn’t something you’ll see everyday even when you review top-of-the-line VPN providers.

Unblocking Netflix by using PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is among the top VPNs that work with Netflix. Through our tests, a range of libraries were successfully blocked and video streaming was extremely fast because of the fast servers.

 It could happen that PrivateVPN begins to struggle with unblocking specific libraries on Netflix in the same way that Netflix continually attempts to stop VPNs. But, the problem doesn’t last long as PrivateVPN can overcome it in a short time. Be aware that if you select a server that is away from your location, the quality of the video may be inadequate.

The best part is that PrivateVPN works well on the web or mobile application versions of Netflix. The majority of the time, you’ll be able to access a wide range of contents and watch Netflix without difficulty.

Blocking BBC iPlayer with PrivateVPN

Although PrivateVPN only has six server locations in the UK however, you’ll be in a position to access BBC iPlayer with it comfortably. The videos take slightly longer, but once they’ve loaded, everything works smoothly.

If you find the video is not of high quality Don’t fear as it can be repaired quickly and you’re returned at HD quality.

In light of the cost, considering the cost PrivateVPN service, the potential to deblock BBC iPlayer is fantastic. You can even remove the blockage of BBC iPlayer straight from the website.

However, the small number of servers could not please all users. And we get it. The streaming services provide a wide variety of content, and having an unlimited supply of them can be appealing. If you’re interested you’ll want to check our top selection of VPNs to stream.

Are PrivateVPN suitable for Torrenting?

Absolutely, PrivateVPN is good for torrenting because it allows P2P traffic. To make use of it with torrenting clients in order to download your files you’ll need to connect to dedicated VPN/Torrenting servers.

It took some time for the speed of the machine to max out; however, it was excellent. The highest speeds were 15MB/s (120mbps) which is excellent (but obviously it’s dependent on numerous factors, such as the ratio of leechers/seeders). You’ll have to download their trial free to obtain the full image. Port forwarding is supported and is able to be used to download torrents.

The only issue I can observe with the services is the fact that servers aren’t as large. That means that you might encounter overwhelmed servers. If this problem is causing excessive problems If you are having trouble, check out our list of the top VPNs for torrenting and choose the most suitable option for you.

Pricing and plans

All PrivateVPN plans come with the identical features. The only difference is the duration, but with greater savings with long-term subscriptions. It’s an VPN market standard, and you’ll find this method in nearly all VPN providers.

The shortest, and the most expensive plan will be their month-long plan at $8.99. If you sign up to two more months (three months’ plan) it costs $17.99 and you will can save nearly 39 percent. The most expensive plan offers the best price, with $59.99 per year. This means that the costs are comparable to the other plans.

For each plan, you’ll receive six simultaneous connections. Additionally, you can test the service with a seven-day trial period for free. You’ll have to write to their official support email address ( to get a gift code. It doesn’t need any information about your payment which means you won’t be surprised in the event that your account “accidentally” renews. However, you are able to avail a 30-day money-back policy.

You can pay by:

Credit cards

If you choose to pay using PayPal however, you’ll need to pay an additional 5% handling charge that will increase the cost slightly. If you’re purchasing the longest-running subscription cost, it could increase by $3. It’s not a huge issue however, it’s something you should be aware of. 

If the costs of PrivateVPN do not seem to be enough to you, take a an examination of the top currently available VPN offers we provide and choose the best one for your needs. Protect your money with the security of your online browsing!

Servers and locations

PrivateVPN has its servers counted in the hundreds, not thousands. This is a small collection of more than 200 servers across more than 63 countries.Therefore, while the selection of countries is excellent but the sheer number of servers is a bit of an issue. PrivateVPN is extremely vulnerable to servers being overcrowded that can affect the user experience. I’d like to see them expand the size of their fleet since many competitors are operating with significantly more servers. Furthermore the fact that each user is able to connect to 6 concurrently can make the overcrowding even more difficult.

The good news is that there are exotic destinations such as Hong Kong or Russia, which could be destinations you’ll not get elsewhere.

Interface and user-friendliness

Windows The most powerful version of PrivateVPN

macOS It is fully customized for the OS, but it is missing certain features

Linux Does not have a graphic application

Solid and mobile applications available for Android and iOS

Browser No browser extension

PrivateVPN has done an excellent job in creating an easy-to-use interface for their application. While the design of the application varies across the various platforms, it is the same and provides a well customized software.

There are definitely awkward spots that could be bothersome. But will they have an impact on your experience? Find out below.


I discovered the Windows application easy to use. It sends out notifications for every thing happening and you’ll be aware of the status of your connection.

The main window windows are adjustable and allow you to toggle between advanced and simple views. The first view only displays the state of your connection with the option to change the country that you are connected to. The advanced view allows you to modify the type of connection and encryption. It also allows you to alter the settings of the app.

There were some odd problems. For instance that there was a problem with the Streaming Services tab didn’t show any servers. Although I appreciated the port forwarding feature each time, it will give a new port every when you connect. It means that you’ll need to configure your routers as well as other software that could be used to connect to an alternate port every time. Additionally, you can’t turn it off.

To compare it is always possible to look through our list of the top VPNs to use on Windows.


macOS application is similar in many ways to Windows version, and has more rounded buttons that more closely match Apple’s UI. There are however certain limitations, and not all features that you can access with Windows are available in macOS.

It’s not a good idea to shed tears because of some of these – one of the causes is PPTP. It’s an even more serious security flaw than a tunneling method. Some however, are useful features such as DNS leak protection as well as the capability to kill specific applications when they disconnect from the VPN server.

If you’re looking for a customized VPN experience for macOS check out the top 10 VPNs on our macOS list.


PrivateVPN doesn’t provide the option for a desktop application that is suitable for Linux users. They’ll get an instruction manual for setting up OpenVPN connections with PrivateVPN services.

Since you can’t download an app that runs on its own it is necessary to configure everything with the OpenVPN stack and a command line terminal. While it’s not exactly the most pleasant experience when compared to the experience Windows or macOS users enjoy. However, the application provides you with a solid security system and options.

PrivateVPN mobile apps

The app is based on the design principles that are present in desktop versions. The major difference is that desktop applications are smoother however, the mobile apps appear somewhat sluggish. This results in a distinct level of user experience when compared with desktop computers, but that isn’t the scenario.

The app available for Android and iOS appears simple and provides the minimal of what you would get from a VPN for mobile devices. I like the built-in kill button on the Android app, which can solve the issue if you’re on an older device that doesn’t have native support. Unfortunately, the kill switch isn’t yet available on iOS.

You can switch Stealth VPN on and off and change the port that is used. Apart from the option to alter the tunneling protocols and encryption There’s not much you can alter.

The app’s interface is able to switch between the servers list and the dedicated IP address, meaning you can avoid the unreliable list of streaming services.

If you’re in need of additional Android as well as iOS VPN alternatives, think about taking a look at our list of the top VPN applications for Android as well as the best VPN software for iOS.

PrivateVPN offers

PrivateVPN can’t boast about its features-rich set of security. It does, however, provide innovative tools to increase the security of your browsing and browsing around the globe.

Port forwarding

PrivateVPN is distinctive in its method of port forwarding. When you connect to the VPN, a random port number is displayed that you can input in your client for torrenting. Therefore, if you’re using the VPN to torrent it’s an absolute godsend. You can also utilize the option to set up remote servers.

This feature is always activated. If it is time to connect with their server you will be assigned an unspecified port number, without the option to turn it off.


All of their servers offer the capability of HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy servers. Both are useful, but in slightly different situations. The HTTP proxy can only work using HTTP as well as HTTPS traffic, and is mostly focused on browsers.

If you require support for any other type or type of internet traffic, then you’ll need to make use of SOCKS5. They’re quite adaptable and secure, and many people use them with torrent clients to increase security. You can view the complete list of servers that have suitable server addresses that have corresponding ports here.

Is PrivateVPN secured?

PrivateVPN is a secure VPN in terms of encryption protocols and tunneling protocols. There aren’t any IP leaks or leaks of IPv6. Port forwarding, however, cannot be turned off. Utilizing this VPN for those who are the most cautious about privacy may be out of the issue. The VPN service’s location of business is located in the Fourteen Eyes Alliance country (Sweden) This doesn’t do much to help their cause.


It is the encryption that makes your online data inaccessible for anyone who intercepts it. That includes the government as well as ISP. With PrivateVPN you can even choose to adjust the encryption level.

You can pick from:





The choices are choosing between 128 or the 256-bit versions, as well as CBC and GCM modes.

128 and 256 refer to different encryption keys – the longer the key is, the more possible combinations it could have. A greater number of possible combinations is always better since hackers’ computers would need to be able to guess more accurately to break the encryption, which makes the whole process ineffective.

It is worth noting that the CBC and GCM differences are more subtle. Both involve blocking block ciphers, however, they approach this in a slightly different manner. In theory, CBC is not as secure because it relies on prior blocks of data when it is encrypting data. GCM alters the blocks to make it difficult to assemble as pieces of the puzzle.

Tunneling protocols

PrivateVPN isn’t going to surprise you with their extensive list options for tunneling protocol. You can pick these:

OpenVPN (TUN+UDP+1194) The default setting is UDP which is more efficient however less secured than TCP. It utilizes 1194 which is a well-known port, so it is suitable for the majority of scenarios.

OpenVPN (TUN+TCP+443) which sacrifices speed in order to protect yourself This is your first choice if UDP/1194 fails to work. Additionally, it utilizes the port 443 that’s the same port that web browsers use to provide internet connectivity. Therefore, if Internet connectivity is accessible then this port must be accessible.

OpenVPN (TAP+UDP) It is the one tunneling option on the list that has a huge style and the wording “not recommended”. The reason for this is that the connected TAP devices work like they are connected to a LAN. It could also provide the possibility of accessing your device when a hacker was connected with the server as long as there’s a security flaw. Since port forwarding is always turned on, this could be an actual reason to be concerned.

PPTP It is extremely outdated and should not be utilized. It’s a risky option, and your connection will not be more secure.

L2TP/IPSec is regarded as secure, however OpenVPN is a better security alternatives.

There is also a choice to activate Stealth VPN. Consider it an VPN mode that hides VPN traffic as regular internet traffic. It also sends additional data packets, and then bury your VPN connection under them. This lets you access the Internet in other countries, such as UAE.