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Cove Review: The Best Smart Home Security System

Cove hasn’t been in existence for a long time, but it’s done an excellent job of establishing a strong name in just more than a year. This is because the company is committed to customer satisfaction and delivers 10x faster response times, and provides 24 hours professional monitoring. Customers will appreciate the touch-screen control panels, the speedy mobile apps, and the variety of sensors available. Cove provides the latest technology to ensure solid and unwavering security for the entire house. The sturdy hardware is elegant and sleek and blends into the background of your house easily. A Cove security alarm is extremely simple to use using a alarm panel that is touchscreen keys, keychain fobs and wireless, no-installation sensors. Cove also offers a top customer support service, 24-hour expert monitoring and life-time guarantee on all of their equipment. Offering security and peace of mind and a great price-for-value, Cove is an obvious option for families, seniors who live alone and for those who wish to be able to watch their home from anyplace and anytime.


Cove alarms for home security are equipped with sophisticated features which make the system more user-friendly to utilize, more secure and more effective than many of the other alarms. Here are some of the features we were awed by:

  • Two-way audio

Two-way audio lets you talk directly to an emergency responder in the event in an emergency. The responder can be heard and they will be able to be heard, which means the correct kind of assistance is delivered quicker.

  • Smack and crash detection

A vital feature, the collision and smash detection assures that you’re protected even when your alarm security system isn’t. In the event that your house is robbed in which the burglar smashes your alarm system the alarm is immediately sent an alert to the central monitoring station. After that the emergency responder is informed, and help arrives within moments.

  • Wireless sensors

The installation process can turn into a challenge for some alarm systems at home but it’s an easy task with Cove. This is because the sensors are completely wireless. There’s no need to be concerned with complex wiring connection, wiring, or installation.

  • Self-diagnosing through regular testing from the sensors

This is without doubt one of the most impressive features available. Cove alarm systems operate on a constantly self-diagnostics and check the sensors to make sure that everything is functioning exactly as it should. The sensors are checked at a regular interval, so you don’t need to do anything. Furthermore, when the hardware component needs maintenance or a replacement battery, the system will inform you immediately. This can be addressed promptly, and you will not be faced with any problems.

  • Edit and add up 20 user codes.

A lot of homes have several people who come in and out during the day. Kids, parents, the babysitter, delivery services dog walkers, cleaning services all are having access to your house. But you don’t want provide your security code to each service provider that you employ. Instead, you should offer them individual security codes, which are designed to only work for a certain time of day. Thus, the dog walker is able to be in by 2pm every morning, and not 5pm or at 10am. Cove allows you to add as many user IDs as you like, add and editand delete them easily.

  • Key fob

This is a handy device that lets users to arm, dearm or even send an instant panic alert. Keep the fob on your keychain, you are able to perform all of these actions instantly without having go to your control panel. Key fobs are equipped with batteries that last for 5+ years. lifespan.

In addition, Cove alarm systems come with a built-in cellular radio as well as batteries that are able to run 24 hours a day. This will ensure that your system will remain functioning even when power is cut off.

Security Services

Cove offers comprehensive security for homes. Customers can select from a wide range of sensors that include motion detectors for doors, door sensors windows sensors, glass break detection. There are also medical-related buttons for people who want to feel safe and secure, without losing their freedom. Cove provides a range of hazard and environmental alarms too. Alarms like smoke detectors flood sensors CO detectors, and flood sensors will ensure your home is protected and even save lives.

Monitoring Services

Cove provides professional monitoring 24 hours a day. Cove’s monitoring facility is listed as UL, and has the TMA Five Diamond certification. Additionally, Cove monitoring centers are hot-redundant. Thus, any emergency will be always dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Alongside the standard Monitoring service Cove offers LiveAssist. This is a direct two-way line of communication with the appropriate Emergency Response Team in case in the event of an emergency. The system is operational in real-time and is available on demand.


One thing that Cove could work on is integration. The system is not able to connect to any smart home devices , like Alexa.

Mobile Readiness

Cove offers a fantastic mobile app that you can download upon signing up to Cove Plus Package. Cove Plus Package. The app is accessible on each of on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. A crucial note: Be sure to set up your home alarm system prior to logging into the app, or else it will not work. After installing the application on your smartphone you’ll be able manage all the functions included in your Cove house security alarm system from your smartphone , no matter where you are.

Help & Support

How accessible and responsive the company’s staff is able to make a the difference in customer satisfaction. It’s good to know that Cove offers customers extensive support so that you’re never left without assistance. Contact customer support to discuss installation questions, technical issues, difficulties, or other issues by using a variety of channels, including email, phone, and live chat. Additionally, there is an extensive knowledge base that customers can browse through for FAQs, tutorials and other useful information.

Live chat is available during business hours that are not a regular part of the day:

Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm MT

Support for customers via telephone is available during slightly hours than normal:

Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm MT

One thing that is unique is that Cove provides after-hours customer support. This is for technical support in the basic sense and troubleshooting installation issues. Support after hours is offered between 6pm and 9pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday 8am-9pm. This is not only the extended hours of support an exclusive feature and a huge amount of support hours, which can earn Cove huge points.

Bottom Line

Cove offers a tempting offer for renters, homeowners young and old. The broad range of alarm sensors ensures that your home security system can be customized to meet your specific needs. The cost-effective pricing options mean that anyone can afford to feel secure at home. Furthermore, Cove offers excellent value for the money. The shipping is completely free, the equipment is warrantied for life and even comes with a 60-day money-back assurance. With the best customer service and responses that are lightning fast and simple-to-use (and install) equipment, it’s no reason to be surprised that Cove is rated the top by customers on Google.