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Bluehost: How This Website Builder Is Changing The Way People Build Websites

Bluehost recently introduced a new website builder which is built on the top of WordPress and is designed to assist to create professional websites without technical expertise. The drag-and drop website builder provides an easy, user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. You can choose to switch over to WordPress builder too; this is an extremely beneficial feature and is essential. This is because, while the website builder is a great tool for novices as well as new users, those experienced with WordPress’s flexibility will find its features to be basic.

Due to the integration between these two platforms it is possible to create elements of your site using Bluehost’s website builder, as well as other elements with WordPress. There’s a disadvantage of this strategy too. WordPress is a remarkably customizable platform due to the accessibility of numerous plugins. If a function adds to your web site by using a plugin that isn’t available with Bluehost’s Bluehost web builder like an e-commerce store, you’ll need to use WordPress to modify the feature. The Bluehost website builder relies on Smart AI, to help you determine the style and appearance of your site by asking the most important questions to discover the type of business. HostGator offers similar features in Gator, their website builder. While Bluehost only provides an online store option in their premium plans, Gator offers an online store for all plans.

Are you able to use Bluehost Website Builder simply to use?

The Bluehost Website Builder program is among the easiest website builders you can use. Simply click Website Builder in the WordPress interface The drag-and-drop editor is loaded after a couple of minutes. From here, you’ll be able to navigate and manage all of the pages of your site via the navigation bar at the top. Menus, sections as well as blogging software are accessible on the left side of the menu.

The menu on the left changes based on which area of the website you’re editing. If, for instance, you’re editing your page’s Navigation bar you’ll see five layout options as well as settings for the bar’s position. remain fixed always.

Bluehost Website Builder utilizes an organized system that is based on sections. It allows you to drag and move sections like carousels, images, galleries and even maps to every page. Please note that some of these sections are only available when you’re registered and subscribed to the Pro plan.

Although dragging and dropping sections that have been designed to make websites is simple to create, it will ensure that your website will be limited to specific layouts, since you are able to only put sections within a pre-designed grid.

Do websites built using Bluehost Website Builder perform well?

Visitors to your site expect that it will load quickly and will either get annoyed and move on to other sites. The time it takes for an internet page takes to begin loading in a browser is known as “the response time..

We tested the response time of our test site from New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles every five minutes over the course of four days, and calculated an average.

On average Bluehost Website Builder’s Bluehost Website Builder website responded within 1.73 seconds. This is a bit slow when compared with the other sites. The website we tested WordPress website had an average response time of 120ms and Squarespace did not respond in 423ms on average.

Although a 1.73-second slow loading time for a website will not cause the majority of users to abandon the page, it’s sufficient to make your site’s performance appear slow. It is possible to improve speed of response by creating a Cloud flare Content Delivery Network inside the Bluehost administration panel, however it’s not activated by default.

Bluehost Website Builder Page loading time

A site built with an online builder can inherit additional code that could make it load more slowly. Website builders that run with WordPress such as Bluehost Website Builder, can make websites bloated and inefficient if not properly coded.

It is possible to get an idea of how a website builder has been optimized by analyzing the amount of time it is taking to load completely. To ensure the most accurate comparison between web hosts we made use of a standard WordPress page to test speeds from one US site.

The website we created using Bluehost Website Builder required an average of 2.63 seconds to load. This is quite high. A similar website developed using took 473 milliseconds to load, while the basic WordPress website that was built using Dream Host only took 139ms load. It is possible to increase the loading speed by altering the cache settings and optimizing pages.

Bluehost Website Builder: Should you purchase it?

Bluehost Website Builder a user-friendly web-based design tool. Its most prominent selling point is that it operates with WordPress and allows you to benefit from all the features that the well-known CMS provides.

If you’re not particularly looking to use WordPress however, Bluehost Website Builder loses the appeal of this program. The editor, although simple to use, is surprisingly restricting. If you’re a web designer who is a fan of tweaking every aspect of your websites, The Bluehost Website Builder can be difficult.

Our page load speed tests reveal that the bluehost website Builder website loads quite slowly. Bluehost has a few options to set Content Delivery Networks as well as other optimizations, however we think that these should be activated by default. The competitors such as have a better performance over Bluehost Website Builder and without having to do any additional configuration.

Overall, the Bluehost Website Builder program is an excellent website builder, especially when you need to make your own WordPress website in a short time using drag-and-drop.

Features Of Bluehost Website Builder

The 3 Website Builder plans available include hosting included. Unfortunately, the website for the company does not provide any information about the hosting plan available for the various plans.

If you choose the Basic plan that we chose, the options available are exactly the same as basic Shared Hosting plans. It includes no cost CDN domains, SSL, etc. for the first year along with 50GB of SSD storage space.

It is a Pro Website Builder plan, however in spite of its name does not include all of the features that are included in Pro Shared Hosting. Pro Shared Hosting plan. For example, features like Codeguard Domain Privacy and more.. that are available in the Pro Shared Hosting plan, are required to be purchased separately by choosing The Pro Website Builder option.

Bluehost Website Builder Bluehost Website Builder was built by WordPress. It is built on WordPress and is designed to offer a more efficient and easy interface for creating websites with WordPress.

Users who are new to the web will love the drag-and-drop Website Builder that lets you build powerful websites without any technical knowledge and programming expertise or even experience with WordPress.

The interface is simple in appearance and it is possible to create pages and add additional elements by dragging the elements you need from the menu of sections.

The process of creating a web page

After you’ve completed the registration process and registry of your domainYou’re now ready to build your own website using Bluehost. Click on the Create Website button in order to begin.

The user is presented with three options that include ‘No Help Needed Little Help Required’ and ‘Build to help you’. The names are simple to comprehend and indicate the level of proficiency and experience you have with WordPress. Choose ‘Little Help Required for if you’d like to make use of WordPress’s Smart AI driven system to make your website.

You’ll be asked some basic questions, and then you’ll be asked if you would like to set up WordPress as well as Bluehost Website Builder. Selecting the latter will continue to automatically install WordPress however it also grants you access to the latest website builder.

Then, you’ll be asked questions to determine the business’s nature and the kind of website you want to launch. This is crucial as a site for a cafe or restaurant shop is not the same as the website of an innovative tech company that is completely different from a gallery of photos.

You’ll be redirected to the interface for building websites after you’ve completed the following set of questions.

The interface is split in three sections. The top panel allows you to switch between the desktop and mobile view of your site. The left panel provides access to the entire site and pages, while the right panel offers the ability to modify properties or elements of the particular page.

The plans for building websites contain a variety of features targeted at businesses, like web pages for landing, social media post buttons to allow visitors to share their content on their preferred social media sites, as well as social review templates that allow visitors to read reviews from Yelp, Google, etc. You can utilize the website builder software to include any or all of these different elements to your site without difficulty.

Bluehost’s pros and cons Website Builder

To summarize this Bluehost Review, let’s take a look at the pros and cons


  • It’s extremely user-friendly thanks to the easy-to-use onboarding wizard.
  • You can pick a theme that fits your particular niche by entering a search term.
  • The design method based on sections is easy for beginners to understand because it doesn’t require you to put every component of your layout – you can create sections using pre-made Lego blocks.
  • It’s built on WordPress and it’s possible to still utilize your WordPress Dashboard and also install the plugins. This allows you to be more flexible than other web builders.


  • It’s still a self-hosted WordPress site, and therefore isn’t fully hand-off of a hosted service, such as Wix as well as Squarespace.
  • Since the builder employs an approach based on sections this tool doesn’t have the same flexibility as a drag-and-drop design tool. In essence, the section-based design method is more straightforward however it is less adaptable.
  • The design of the website is pretty simple, so if you need a distinct website design, you may not be pleased.

Methods of payment and pricing

In addition to different hosting packages they list, Bluehost offers three plans for the website builder. It is important to consider each plan carefully prior to deciding on one, as they all have different capabilities.

As it is stated it is true that The Basic plan is designed to be used for personal blogs and websites and other plans are targeted at store owners and businesses. The price is $2.95 monthly and for a 12 month subscription The Basic Plan renews for $10.99 each month. It offers a variety of hosting essentials, including no-cost SSL and domain names but for the initial year only.

If you are planning to set up your online shop, you need to select between Pro or Online Store packages. The latter includes WooCommerce and lets you accept payment for your shop, and also host unlimited items. If you’re looking for additional features for your store, such as the ability to subscribe, customize your cart and discount code generator etc. You must sign up to go with an Online Store plan. The Pro plan costs starting at $9.95 monthly for a 12-month commitment, that renews for $14.99 each month. Online Store Online Store will similarly cost you $24.99 per month for the same time period and then renews for a monthly fee of $39.95 each month.

Every plan comes with a huge collection of stock photos and email marketing. While the former can aid you in creating professional looking websites but the latter is crucial in order to increase user engagement through email marketing campaigns. All plans offer Blog Post Management. This allows you to quickly add blogs to your site in addition to manage your blog posts through the Website Builder as well as the more traditional WordPress interface.

Money back guarantee

Bluehost provides a no-questions required 30 day money-back guarantee. The policy for refunds policy is pretty straightforward and specifically outlines the different services that it can offer either a full or partial refund, including SSL or dedicated IP, and many more. Certain add-ons have specific cancellation times So, contact customer service if you require specific details. Bluehost Accepts major credit cards , and as well PayPal Instant Payments that means that your credit or bank account card needs to be linked directly to your PayPal account.

The service doesn’t take payments via non-reloadable prepaid credit cards or gift cards, nor does it accept payments via PayPal balances or wire transfers. At the moment, Bluehost also doesn’t accept payments made using any Cryptocurrency but there’s no confirmation on when it might be possible to do so.

Excellent Uptime and Customer Support

A stunning website isn’t going to do any good if nobody is able to access it. This is why we also check the efficiency of the traditional website hosting providers and web-based website builders remain on the internet. In every 15 minutes our web monitoring tool checks our website and issues an alert in the event that it’s not able to reach a website for a minimum of one minute. Bluehost has always been stable and this is still the situation. Over a period of 14 days that we were able to observe, there weren’t any outages. In other words, you can count on excellent and consistent uptime.

Through Bluehost Website Builder you have the ability to leverage the experience of Bluehost’s customer service team. Through Blue Sky, its Blue Sky service, Bluehost offers 24/7 support via phone as well as online chat support, an online ticket system, as well as an extensive knowledge base for Bluehost as well as WordPress all over the world. In terms of the uptime, Bluehost’s fast and reliable customer service has been awe-inspiring when we test. If you’re not happy you can get an entire refund when you cancel in the first 30 days.

Bluehost Website Builder review summary Who should benefit from it?

In the end, Bluehost Website Builder is an excellent tool for those who aren’t sure how to begin building a WordPress site and are looking for an online presence that is basic.

For instance, if you want to build a basic website portfolio or a basic site for your company, Bluehost Website Builder can be an excellent choice. The process is easy, and you can create an appealing product with minimal complications.

If you’ve constructed a handful of WordPress websites, or you’re looking to build an extremely unique, custom website, you’re probably better off using “traditional” WordPress. Bluehost Website Builder doesn’t have the capabilities for more advanced users or for custom sites and you’ll be satisfied with the basic WordPress software.

To sum up:

  • If you’re a complete beginner and don’t know how to begin building websites is a good idea. Bluehost Website Builder is an excellent choice to help you create an attractive website that includes your company’s details. It also has the potential to expand since it’s built on WordPress.
  • Completely newbie, baffled by the idea of WordPress and the way it connects with Bluehost Website Builder. You might want to think about a separate web-based builder like Wix and Squarespace.
  • An experienced WordPress user There’s little extra value in this situation . You’d be better with a page building plugin, or perhaps using the block editor (maybe using some block plugins to give you more flexibility).

If you think Bluehost Website Builder is the right choice for you, look over the Bluehost Website Builder tutorial to learn how to use it. If you believe using a page builder could be a better option then you should browse our collection of the top page builders plugins. Elementor is a good first option – you can read more by reading our Elementor review, and then check out the Elementor tutorial.

Are you having any concerns regarding the Bluehost Website Builder review or the builder itself? Please let us know by leaving a comment!