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Best Website Design Companies & Services

If you’re in the business of being a business today, then you need a website. It’s just that simple. The first thing consumers will do when they hear about a service or see a product they like is head online to see what information they can find out about it. If you don’t have a website (i.e., a web presence), then those potential leads will simply move on to the next purchase that’s more available to them.

So, you need a website to compete in the modern market. And like all first impressions, your website needs to make a good one. That’s where design comes in. A good website design tells consumers that you are professional, catches their eye, and keeps them positively engaged. And thanks to website design services, you don’t even have to know anything about designing or coding to launch a professional and attractive website all on your own.

Whether you want to go it on your own or would rather leave things to the professionals, the right website designing company will supply you with the tools you need to create a stunning website for your company that fits with your branding, image, and business goals. The best website design services also offer additional features such as on-site SEO, social media integration, and Ecommerce solutions. 

Bottom line, your business needs you to get online and fast. Check out the top picks for modern website design services that will whip up a winning site for you in just a few days.

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  • Price-10-$20 per month (annual)
  • Service Type– DIY, DIFM
  • Turnaround time-N/A
  • Customization level– Full control over customization, DIY
  • Price-Per quotation
  • Service Type– Website design & graphic design, Ecommerce
  • Turnaround Per project. Typically in weeks.
  • Customization level– Customization according to client 
  • Price-From $10,000
  • Service Type– Web design
  • Turnaround- Up to 90 days
  • Customization level– Unlimited revisions before coding begins
  • Price-From $29 per month
  • Service Type– Semi automated site design
  • Turnaround-Up to 24 hours for updates
  • Customization level– Medium
  • Price-From $29 per month
  • Service Type– Template-based and fully customized web design
  • Turnaround-6-8 weeks 10-14 weeks for fully customized sites
  • Customization level– Sites can be fully customized
  • Price-Custom pricing plans
  • Service Type– Full-service DIFM, maintenance, pro
  • Turnaround-7-10 days
  • Customization level– Full control of final design, revisions included
  • Price-Starting at $5
  • Service Type– Do it for me, full service
  • Turnaround-Express 24 hours upwards
  • Customization level– Various depending on designer

The Best Website Design Companies – An In-Depth Look



Back to basics, website designing made simple
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Whether you’re looking to DIY or want the professionals to take the task off your shoulders, is a good option for businesses that need a professional website design fast. With easy to use online website design tools, even newbie designers can launch an attractive site within minutes. has nice templates to choose from that fit your industry, and you can tweak various elements, including font, color scheme, and layout to suit your style. lets you add additional elements like HTML snippets and social media sharing buttons as well for a more robust website. also has professional website designing available for business owners who don’t know a thing about design. The team of experts will create an eye-catching design that fits your branding. They’ll also include important features like SEO and PPC management, content, and social media marketing. All plans come with hosting, domain name, and an SSL certificate, so your business will run as professionally as it looks.



Automatic updates from Facebook page
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29dollarWebsites is a tool that allows users to get functional websites on the internet in just hours. The tool can automatically pull in data from companies’ Facebook pages and changes will update on the live sites in under 24 hours.

Hosting and a domain name are both included so it’s an all in one package for companies.



Thrive Agency
Template-based or fully customizable designs
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Thrvie Agency is a digital marketing agency with vast experience in web design for almost every type of site – including ADA compliant and eCommerce sites. Exceptional customer service and dediatd account managers make Thrive Agency an extremely popular choice with companies looking for mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with a marketing agency.

Thrive Agency


Fast, efficient website design from $5
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Fiverr is a popular service to turn to for businesses looking to outsource various projects that they don’t have an in-house team to handle or small gigs that just aren’t worth their time. A large network of talented designers from around the world, Fiverr provides a cornucopia of talent for all things website design, including commercial use, source files, HTML/CSS conversion, and interactive mockups. Fiverr designers can also handle responsive designs for mobile websites and apps, a necessity in today’s business world.

Fiverr makes professional website designing a possibility for every type of business thanks to its wide range of designers’ styles, talents, and abilities. And did we mention that many projects start at just $5? With a pricing structure that’s built on healthy competition, Fiverr allows business owners to get what they want for a price they can be happy with, too.


How to Choose the Best Website Service or Solution for Me

Who Are the Best Website Designers?

Website designers come in all shapes and all sizes. You can find a website design agency that specializes in responsive website designs, great if you are looking for mobile options. Alternatively, there are sites that focus on traditional, eclectic, or cool website designs. Basically, the sky’s the limit. And at the end of the day, the best website design team or service is the one that delivers what you want.

Of course, if you’re looking to narrow down the options, then there are a few features to look out for to help you make your choice. When searching for the top website designs services, ask about these features:

➡ Price

Always a factor, find out how much does this website design cost. Website design pricing can vary significantly depending on what you’re looking for, so ask questions. Is there a flat fee for designing your website, or are there monthly payments? Is there an added cost for maintenance? What are the DIY pricing options? There are some very affordable website design firms, so you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot.

➡Turnaround time

How long will this project take? If you’re not under pressure, then you can get a beautiful, custom website design in less than 2 weeks.

➡Level of customization

How much power do you have over the professional website designer’s process? How many rounds of revisions are included in the price? Alternatively, how much customization does the DIY tool afford you?

➡Ongoing maintenance help

Is this an option? Ongoing maintenance ensures that your content stays fresh, that your site is kept up, and that you don’t have to concern yourself about it at all.

➡Mobile responsive

One of the most important features for businesses today, find out if the website design services offer mobile-friendly sites.

➡Ecommerce functions

Does the service provide you with Ecommerce solutions for online selling?

How Do You Design a Website?

Designing a website is easier than you’d imagine. It starts with an idea…and then it grows! Even if you aren’t creative, website design services give you the capabilities to create truly impressive designs even on your own. If you’re going it on your own, you can choose from hundreds of attractive templates. These templates have all the elements in place already. So, you don’t need to bother your head about placements, columns, structure, or even color schemes. 

Good website design services have plenty of customization features. So, you can pick your own colors, add elements like images and videos, or change things up to fit your needs. You’ll even be able to include important business management applications like appointment scheduling and payment processing.

DIFM services (aka Do It For Me), on the other hand, make the design process even simpler. You tell the team of professional designers what you’re looking for, a little bit about your business goals, and your branding flavor, and they’ll churn out a modern website design that fits your specs. You’ll be given revision rounds where you can make changes and tweak it to your liking. Then, you’ll be handed a finished product, a cool website design that fits your business like a glove.

Why Do I Need a Design Company for My Website?

For those of you who are great designers, building your own website can be super easy. All you need is a website builder and some time to spend playing around with layouts or templates. But chances are, if you’re searching out website design services, it’s because you doubt your design prowess. The truth is that with DIY services like Wix and Squarespace out there, today more than ever, even a total layman can become a creative genius with a few clicks. The drag-and-drop editors, the vast libraries of stock photography, the professional templates, and the built-in tools all facilitate the appearance of pro designing even if you can’t draw a straight line to save your life. 

But, let’s be honest. Even with these terrific tools, there will still be a qualitative difference between the site that you throw together on your own and one that is designed by professional designers and developers. There is a limit to how much you can wing it.

So, why do you need a design company to design your website? It usually boils down to 2 reasons:

  1. You want to give your business the best foot forward by creating the most professional first impression possible. This will only be accomplished by a professional website designer.
  2. You don’t have the time or patience to spend building your own website. If this is the case, turning to a website designing company affords you the luxury of walking away with a modern website design that is fully functional without having to spend the time and effort doing it yourself.

Either way, results will be the same. A truly winning website design costs something, and that is worth every penny you’ll spend.

Where Can I Design a Website for Free?

Not interested in paying a lot for site design? That’s ok. There are lots of free or cheap website design services if you just don’t have the budget for something more. Wix and Yahoo Small Business are 2 free and simple website design tools that anyone can use to put together a professional-looking site. They come with a lot of built-in features, including pro templates, easy editors, and some online store options. You may be a bit more limited in your features and template options if you go with a freemium service, but you’ll walk away with an attractive online store or portfolio website design that you didn’t have to shell out a single dime for.