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Top 10 Best Online Pet Food Delivery
Services & Companies

Did you know you can order dog food online? Feeding your pet has never been easier
thanks to these top online pet food delivery services. selects
The Farmer’s DogFresh, premium quality natural dog food that’ll keep your dog healthy Read Review
  • What’s offered: Natural dog food
  • Cost: Starts at $3/day
Nom NomHolistic pet nutrition for dogs and cats Read Review
  • What’s offered: Natural dog & cat food, treats, supplements
  • Cost: Starts at $20/week
OllieFresh, natural dog food that’s safe for humans but designed for dogs Read Review
  • What’s offered: Natural dog food, treats and supplements
  • Cost: Starts at $18/week
Open Farm Ethically-sourced & humanely-raised nutrition for cats & dogs Read Review
  • What’s offered: Locally grown, non-GMO food
  • Cost: Starts at $9.49 per bag
Spot and TangoFresh or dry dog food that’s naturally good and good for you Read Review
  • What’s offered: Dry and wet natural dog food
  • Cost: Starts at $7-$15/week
Pet PlatePuppy-licking good healthy dog food in flavors your pooch will love Read Review
  • What’s offered: Natural dog food
  • Cost: Starts at $10.50/week + 50% off
ChewyThe widest variety of pet foods and supplies delivered when you want them Read Review
  • What’s offered: All your pet food and supplies for all pets
  • Cost: Varies based on products
Smalls The full-service natural lifestyle provider for your cats Read Review
  • What’s offered: Fresh/dry natural cat food, toys, litter, etc
  • What’s offered: Fresh/dry natural cat food, toys, litter, etc
Smalls The full-service natural lifestyle provider for your cats Read Review
  • What’s offered: Bundles for dogs (treats & toys)
  • Cost: $22 per month
A Pup AboveLuxury meat patties fit for a king made from premium ingredients Read Review
  • What’s offered: Sous-vide meat patties
  • Cost: Starts at around $35 per bag
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What You Can Get From a Pet Food Delivery Supplier

Pet and dog food delivery services vary considerably when it comes to what you can get from each one. Some pet food suppliers are exclusive to a single kind of pet or product. Brands like Spot and Tango, Pet Plate, and The Farmer’s Dog, for example, cater exclusively to dog parents. From these suppliers, you’ll only find (premium quality) all-natural dog food. There are also suppliers like Smalls that cater specifically to kitties.

Benefits of Ordering Fresh Dog Food Online

If you live near a pet supply store or drive past one on your regular route, you might wonder whether it’s worth it for you to order your pet food online. There are multiple benefits that you can glean:

  • Convenience

Even if you’ve methodically worked out how and when to get to the pet store during your busy daily routine, there’s just no comparison to the convenience of online shopping. Orders can be placed anytime you want and from anywhere. Whether you’re at work in between meetings or on the couch in your pj’s, online shopping lets you get your pet food ordered in an instant. And good stores like Chewy will save your previous orders, so you can reorder whenever you’re running low for faster and even easier deliveries.

  • Variety

Most storefront pet shops have a limited supply of products. The brands and supplies that are available in-store are what you can choose from. But online superstores give you a tremendous range of options from brands to styles and more. For example, there are tens of different types of foods you can choose from, and that’s not even counting the number of brands.

  • Savings

Because online stores have more access to a greater variety of supplies, pet parents can find more affordable options than they would if they were dealing with the limited options in a single pet store. What’s more, since online pet shops don’t have the same overhead as storefront suppliers, they can give customers better prices on their products. Finally, online pet food delivery services frequently give discounts to their customers, especially if you buy in bulk.

  • Delivered to your door

Another great benefit to online pet food delivery services is that they deliver all of your pet supplies straight to your door. During this coronavirus time, anytime you don’t have to leave the house and go shopping around crowds of other people is a better option. Pet delivery services offer contactless delivery, so you don’t have to go out. But even during regular times, deliveries mean you don’t have to schlepp heavy cartons of pet food and other bulky pet supplies from the store to your car and from your car to your house. It’s just an easier way of shopping all around.

The Best Pet Food Delivery Services That Won’t Let You Down

Time to get your pet food and supplies! Here are ten of the top pet food delivery services available online reviewed for your convenience.

1. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog delivers superior quality meals for dogs that are made from human-grade proteins, healthful ingredients like fish oil, and are chock full of vegetables for a powerful punch of vitamins and minerals dogs tend to love. The Farmer’s Dog is also an easy service to use, with flexible subscriptions that you can pause at any time, meals prepared fresh and delivered every eight weeks, and free shipping within the 48 continental United States. And starting at $2 a day, The Farmer’s Dog is one of the most affordable healthy dog food delivery services out there.

2. NomNomNow

NomNomNow has several menu options for both dogs and cats. You can also order samples or a variety pack to let your pet try out the different flavors. And in terms of quality, let’s just say these meals are good enough for people to eat (and they have been!). NomNomNow also offers health supplements like probiotics for GI tract and joint mobility support for a more holistic approach to pet nutrition and health.

3. Ollie

Ollie really takes nutrition seriously. That’s why all of its dog food is made with all-natural ingredients and is loaded with high-quality proteins, fruits and vegetables, and superfoods like chia seeds and fish oils. Ollie has flexible delivery schedules and free two-day shipping. Choose from a variety of flavors, including beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb. Meals are gently cooked for maximum nutritional value and designed by veterinary nutritionists to give your dogs the best diet for them.

4. Open Farm

Open Farm offers cat and dog food with a focus on ethical and sustainable values. All of its products use traceable and non-GMO ingredients and contain neither artificial preservatives nor hormones. Products range from dry and wet food to yummie treats and even bone broth that will have your four-legged friend coming back for more. When you’re placing an order, you’ll pay a flat fee of $5.99 on deliveries, which is waived on orders of $50 or above. Open Farm boasts over 15,000 5-start reviews 

5. Spot and Tango

Spot and Tango caters to the health-conscious pet parents. Meals are made fresh every week and delivered to your door in just the right proportions for your dog. Ingredients are all-natural, whole foods that meet or surpass AAFCO standards like any quality pet food. But what Spot and Tango offers that no other natural dog food does is a dry option. Called UnKibble, Spot and Tango’s dry meal option is made with the same fresh, human-grade ingredients and then dried. So, you don’t have to worry about your dog food going bad.

6. Pet Plate

Pet Plate is another popular choice for healthier eating. Its meals are cooked in USDA facilities, designed by veterinary nutritionists, and made with healthy, quality ingredients only. These meals promote healthier weight maintenance, better bowel movements, and shinier coats. Plus, Pet Plate has a clean plate guarantee. If your pup doesn’t lick their bowl clean on the first try, you can have your money back.

7. Chewy

Chewy is the nationally-acclaimed pet supplies delivery service. From wet and dry food to dental or soft and chewy treats, litter boxes and accessories, toys, and more, Chewy’s got it all. You can even get pharmaceutical items, such as flea and tick treatment, dental care products, and grooming products to keep your pets fresh, clean, and healthy. What’s more, Chewy services any kind of pet you can find from dogs and cats to reptiles, birds, and even horses.

8. Smalls

Smalls is the natural pet food delivery service for cat parents. It offers the same high-quality ingredients and meal processing that other natural pet food companies offer, but they’re tailored to fit your cat. Tell Smalls everything about your feline from their size to their habits and health goals. Choose from the different flavors your cat loves, and start your natural diet with a sampler week to see how your cat takes to the menu. Smalls natural cat food improves cat breath and fur, and gives kitties more energy. Plus, you can get natural treats and litter, too.

9. BarkBox

BarkBox delivers a party in a box every month, so your dog is never bored and always active and entertained. Each month, you’ll receive a themed-collection that includes two unique toys, two bags of all-natural dog treats, and a chew. You can get the classic assortment, tailor your box to fit your dog’s needs, and order boxes for multiple dogs at once.

10. Grocery Pup

Grocery Pup’s luxury meat patties are prepared Sous-vide, meaning they’re given the high-end treatment that typically only humans usually enjoy. Sous-vide involves cooking food in water at a specific temperature and marinating for 2 hours so that the food retains its moisture and nutrients. These meat patties, which come in pork, turkey, and Texas beef stew, are made from human-grade meats, non-GMO vegetables, and are gluten- and soy-free.

How to Choose the Best Pet Food Delivery Service

Choosing a pet food delivery service is an important decision because we love our pets and want to make sure they are properly cared for at all times. There are a few important features to look for when selecting the best service for you and your pets, including:

  • What’s offered

First and foremost, you’ll need to check that the pet food delivery supplier services your pet. The Farmer’s Dog is an excellent option for dog parents, but it won’t do you much good if you have cats. So, start out your search by filtering out any pet food brands that don’t supply products for your four-legged friend.

  • Shipping policies

Check out the brands shipping policy. How often do they ship? What are their shipping fees? Are there any rules that need to be followed? And most importantly, do they ship to your area? The last thing you’d want is to run out of the food your pet loves and not be able to resupply fast enough.

  • Price

Price is another factor. While many pet food suppliers will cost as little as $1 a day for food, others can get pricey. If you’re living on a budget, you might want to look for a pet food supplier that offers dried food options since these are generally cheaper than the wet food alternatives. Either way, ordering online generally scores you better prices and discounts than in-store options.

  • Quality

Another important factor to look into is quality. Many pet parents are switching to an all-natural diet, either partially or full-time. Natural pet foods ensure your pet is getting the proper daily nutritional values they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These meals are jam-packed with all the good stuff like high-quality proteins, essential vitamins and minerals, and human-grade products. Natural pet food also produces amazing health results in your pet, like better digestion, shinier coats, and proper weight maintenance.