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Top 10 Best Identity Theft Protection Services

ID theft protection services are an affordable way to track online activity

ID Theft Protection

The Federal Trade Commission rate more than 650,000 cases annually indicates that identity theft is the most common form of fraud in America. Credit card fraud is the most common form of identity theft. This means that consumers need to be more vigilant when shopping online. This is especially important as more transactions are being done online and consumers shop more from home. This trend is expected to continue well into 2022. ID theft protection services are an affordable way to track online activity in your name and catch it before it has a serious impact on you.
  • It starts at $9/M
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Bureau credit monitoring
  • Insurance coverage up to $1million
  • Full suite of ID theft, financial fraud, and device protection tools
Top Rated
  • Free trial is not available
  • It’s starting price at $7.20/monthly
  • Full Spectrum Protection
  • Includes Family Package
  • Free SSL & Free Domain
Top Rated
  • Best for Norton Antivirus Users
  • It starts at $9.99/M
  • bureau credit monitoring
  • Insurance coverage up to $1Million
  • 150+ Mobile Optimized Templates
Top Rated
  • 30 Day Free Trials
  • Family Package Includes
  • It covers up to $1/M
  • Its best for Identity restoration and assistance
Top Rated
  • Its starting price at $9.99/M
  • Insurance coverage up to $1/M
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Supports various mobile devices
  • Best for- Anyone who has or wants Norton antivirus
Top Rated
  • Its starting price at $6.75/month
  • Free Trial is not available
  • Unlimited Family Plan
  • Most Affordable options
  • Best for – People seeking to recover their identity
Top Rated
  • Best for: Whole family protection
  • Its starting price at $19.95/m
  • Its free trial is not available
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Monthly and tri-monthly reports available
Top Rated
  • It’s free trial available
  • Insurance covers up to $1/M
  • Family Package Includes
  • Best for: Those looking to protect their credit
  • Continuous Monitoring
Top Rated
  • Best for Internet Banking
  • Its starting price at $17.95per month
  • Free trial for 14 Days
  • Family Package Includes
  • Insurance coverage up to $1million
Top Rated
  • ID Theft & PC maintenance
  • It starts at $19.99/M
  • Free 1 Time Diagnostics
  • It includes credit monitoring
  • Insurance coverage up to $1Million
Top Rated


Aura is a digital security solution that combines identity, financial and device protection. This provides comprehensive monitoring of your data, including credit monitoring and financial transactions monitoring. It also monitors ID authentication and SSN monitoring. Any threat is immediately alerted. Aura offers 24/7 U.S.-based support services, in addition to alerts and notifications. A dedicated Aura agent will immediately resolve any white-glove fraud issues that arise for subscribers to the Ultimate plan. All plans provide $1 million protection against identity fraud

Alvin J. Isaac
Miles was knowledgeable and friendly and helped me resolve several issues. Aura makes me feel secure and protected.

James M. Allen
They were very helpful in getting me the information I needed to solve my identity theft. This was a great service.

William N. Pierce
We are grateful for your outstanding service. Thank you for taking care of my issue. Appreciate your service.

Identity Guard

The IBM Watson technology is Identity Guard’s main feature. This AI tool continuously scans billions upon billions of data points on the internet for unusual activity. It provides intelligent, 24-hour protection for individuals and families. Watson is Identity Guard’s most notable feature. However, it’s not the only one. There are three solid plans offered by Identity Guard, which include Dark Web monitoring, risk management and anti-phishing applications. The more expensive plans also have some exclusive tools. For example, the advanced package includes three-bureau credit reports as well as a social insight report. Cyberbullying alerts are included in family plans. .

Annie C. Varner
With Janet from Identity Guard's prompt assistance, I was able to stop an illegal credit card that was issued to my name. Janet was very helpful and was an excellent liaison with the bank.

Alan C. Peterson
I was guided through each step that led to my Identity Guard initiation contact. I learned a lot about my coverage and the one-on-one help I would receive. I was impressed by your service.

Valentin A. Sims
Received an alert, and was able confirm fraud with the creditor using Identity Guard's service agents within 15 minutes. Received useful actions to resolve ID fraud, fully satisfied.


LifeLock, an anti-virus product from Norton, boasts all the technology, accessibility, and ease you would expect from the industry-leading firm. The plans are also impressive, as they not only combine online security with ID theft protection, but also offer greater flexibility. Lifelock plans offer ID and Social Security number alerts. They are available in conjunction with Norton’s 360 suite. Combination plans offer solid ID theft features such as stolen funds reimbursement which ranges from $25,000-$1 million dollars, bank account activity alerts and even 401(k), investment account alerts. LifeLock offers LifeLock Junior as an affordable option for children younger than 18. It includes Dark Web monitoring and file sharing network searches. All plans include 24/7 support for members and assistance from US-based identity restoration experts.

Andrew T. Harvey
LifeLock passed all of my practical tests. They demonstrated their diligence in securing my bank and credit card accounts. LifeLock is quick to respond to my phone calls and provide a solution. LifeLock is a great service.

Tommy A. Devine
LifeLock has been a trusted service for my husband and me for many years. We have never been disappointed with the results. It is worth it for the peace of mind that I have, especially as I teach online and do a lot in business.

Lewis N. Fernandez
Lifelock has never caused me to worry. They provide the best protection for my accounts. They also notify me about any inquiries to open new accounts. I recommend it to everyone. I've already recommended it to some of my friends.


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Kirk S. Aaron
I'm very satisfied with ID Shield's proactive monitoring and Trend Micro products, which now protect my mobile and computer.

Constance L. Smith
They offer superior monitoring than any other free service. I find it helps me to sleep better if everything is from one company. Love It.

Constance L. Smith
They offer superior monitoring than any other free service. I find it helps me to sleep better if everything is from one company. I would recommend their services


Software that protects and restores identity. It includes continuous monitoring, alerts, customer support and online security. LifeLock provides identity theft protection. It can monitor your credit, investments, bank accounts, mobile and public records, as well as credit, banking, and investment accounts. You can install the software on up to five devices, so you have full protection for all your systems. LifeLock allows you to add family members at an additional monthly cost. LifeLock will notify you immediately if it finds any suspicious items during a scan. LifeLock’s true benefit is its identity theft coverage. LifeLock provides a variety of services to help you recover your identity and undo all damage. You’ll be safe from cyberthreats with Norton’s 360 suite included in the software.

James L. Gibson
I had an exceptionally polite gentleman who went above and beyond to resolve my issue. The best security provider I highly recommend.

Dan T. Mitchell
Great experience with Norton Tech Support. They helped me with my VPN setup and questions. It is very happy and does a great job.

Gary E. Bauch
Norton software is a great product. In three years of Norton membership, I have received excellent, prompt and hassle-free customer service.

Zander Identity

Zander Insurance is the only recommended identity theft protection service by Dave Ramsey. It’s a cost-effective option that can provide affordable identity theft protection and restoration for those on a tight budget. Although the platform does not offer credit monitoring, it can monitor your personal information such as Social Security and provides a wide range of identity recovery services. Zander reimburses lost wages and financial losses up to $1,000,000, as well as expenses. Zander is the best in case your identity is stolen. A Recovery Advocate will be assigned to you to help you recover your credit and identity. To ensure your identity is restored fully, this representative will be available up to three years. Zander will notify the three largest credit bureaus, medical institutions and creditors of the theft and will monitor your accounts for fraud to ensure you get back to yourself as quickly as possible.

Thomas S. Benson
It was a pleasant experience. I would do business again with them.

Randy T. Bence
Zander Insurance's professionalism and quality impressed me.

Dennis B. Frank
It was a pleasant experience. I would do business again with them.

My Fico

MyFico provides a complete view of your credit history and a variety of tools and alerts that will help you stay ahead of the bad guys. It is the standard bearer of credit scores for the three major credit bureaus and offers its own consumer-facing ID theft protection service that combines frequent reporting with far-reaching monitoring. MyFICO offers three packages that include monthly or tri-monthly updates. They all come with $1 million theft insurance, 24/7 ID restoration, lost wallet protection and 24/7 customer service. The Experian reports are only available in the basic plan. However, the top-tier plans offer coverage for all three bureaus and identity monitoring.

Herbert K. Delacruz
Great Experience with MyFICO. The information provided by the forums is also invaluable!

Nathaniel L. Brown
The myFICO mortgage credit scores were just one point lower than the bank's. Highly Recommended.

Jason B. Aguilar
My reports were full of useful information that helped me quickly spot and fix problems.

IdentityTheft, a cloud-hosted service for identity theft protection, offers 24/7 credit monitoring. offers low-cost, easy credit monitoring that will protect you from identity theft. However, pricing information is not available. After signing up, you can add any account you wish to monitor, such as credit, social security, driver’s license, credit, and medical. If the service detects unusual activity in your account, you’ll receive an immediate notification asking for confirmation that it isn’t theft. provides $1 million insurance against identity theft for any damages. They will also send fraud alerts until your accounts are secure. does not offer comprehensive identity restoration and guidance like other providers. However, it is a good option for basic credit monitoring that can help you save time and prevent any attempted breaches on your accounts.

Eugene W. McCoy
Online access to personal information is common nowadays. Identity theft can occur when criminals steal your account.

Bruce L. Benge
This company was exactly what I needed. None of them offered the same services as Identity Theft, Best Service Provider.

Carlos G. Murdock
This is the best company I have ever had the privilege of working with. They are the best and I have had an amazing experience.

Identity Force

IdentityForce is a 40-year veteran in ID theft. It is well-known for its wide range of services and expertise. This respected company was the first to offer ID theft protection for children. They also have innovative services like mobile implementation and social media identity monitoring. IdentityForce monitors court records and Dark Web activity and provides smart alerts in over 5 major areas. This service includes online tools for personal computers and medical ID fraud protection. IdentityForce is a trusted destination for individuals who are concerned about protecting their identities. It offers insurance up to $1,000,000, mobile apps and a 50 point promise to customers

Shannon J. Godfrey
With the notion of so much fraud happening in the world, I appreciate Identity Force being there for me today.

John D. Patterson
Regular updates provide me with peace of mind. I also appreciate the proactive information.

Joyce C. Alston
IdentityForce allowed me to rely on them in protecting and patrolling my financial information on the Internet.


MyCleanID offers real-time protection and credit monitoring through three bureaus with a guarantee of up to $1 million. Signing up is simple and you will have access to your credit score and FICO scores within minutes. MyCleanID’s monitoring service offers comprehensive protection beyond the standard features. It also includes driver’s license and telephone protection, as well as protection for your computer via MyCleanID privacy management software. This last feature is unique and performs a deep scanning of your computer. It allows you to wipe usernames and passwords and schedule regular cleanings. Combining ID theft prevention and PC care gives users the opportunity to take action and control to prevent potential breaches. It also helps each user improve their online habits. MyCleanID offers only one plan. However, it is quite extensive and includes 24/7 support.

Keith D. Siggers
They were extremely helpful in setting up my account. I look forward to identity protection for a low monthly price.

Michael E. Key
Although I have not used this service, a friend who has said that they did everything they promised was a good sign.

Almeta R. Valdez
It was one of the first programs I used to combat ID theft. It is not comparable to any other software that I have used.