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Private Internet Access VPN Review

Private Internet Access is a VPN that was established in 2010. It has a reputation for being one of the most affordable virtual private networks on the market and it has a large customer base. Private Internet Access offers an easy-to-use service that even people who don’t have any technical knowledge can use, with excellent customer service and support.

Privacy and anonymity online is a serious issue. Governments, hackers, and malicious websites are constantly looking for new ways to steal your personal information or spy on you without your knowledge. That’s where Private Internet Access Turkey comes in!

With all the hacks and breaches going on lately, people are looking for new ways to protect themselves and their data. A VPN is a great way to do that as it allows you to keep your information from being tracked or stolen (especially if you’re working on a laptop that’s not yours). But with many VPNs out there, how do you know which one is best?

Why Choosing Private Internet Access is Smart

Private Internet Access is a VPN provider that offers users around the world an excellent way to protect their privacy and anonymity. It does this by encrypting your information before it leaves your device, so it cannot be read or intercepted by anyone else. This service also protects you from malicious hackers and online advertisers who may have the ability to track you across the Internet. You can access other parts of the world without worrying about things like content filters, speed limits, or censorship. If you want to visit a site that isn’t available in your country, with this VPN service you can do it. The user interface is also very easy to use, and allows you to connect quickly.

Private Internet Access Pricing

Private Internet Access offers three payment options starting with $9.95 each month. It’s less than the $10.11 per month average that we’ve seen in the VPNs we evaluate. Although it’s affordable, it’s not enough on our list of the best cheap VPNs. The earlier cost of $6.95 could have easily made the list. Comparable top VPNs do more for less. Editors’ Choice Award winner Mullvad VPN is priced at $5.46 (converted to EUR5).

As with most VPNs, Private Internet Access incentivizes longer subscriptions, offering huge discounts. One-year plans cost $39.95 that’s significantly smaller that the $70.06 average we’ve seen for the VPNs that we’ve evaluated. The Private Internet Access also offers three-year plans priced at $79. Private Internet Access changes the discounted plans frequently however you can anticipate the majority of offers to remain within those price ranges. However, we advise against beginning with the long-term plan. Instead, opt for an initial plan that is short-term so that you are able to try the VPN at your home , and then see whether the VPN is able to meet your requirements.

Privacy Internet Access is inexpensive and affordable, however it’s worth noting that there are worthwhile free VPN services to pick from. Hotspot Shield and Editors’ Choice winner TunnelBear provide free subscriptions that have limits on data usage: 500MB per month and daily, respectively.Proton vpn, however is the best free VPN we’ve ever tested for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it doesn’t impose any data limitations on its users who use it for free.

When purchasing a subscription Private Internet Access accepts Amazon payment methods, credit cards, cryptocurrency, and PayPal. Private Internet Access accepts gift cards from different merchants. Purchase the card using cashand your transaction will be completely private. Editors”Best of the Best” IVPN along with Mullvad VPN offer more choices for payment that are anonymous, including cash directly at their headquarters.

What Exactly Is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a service that helps maintain privacy on the Internet. It does this by encrypting all of your data so it can’t be read by anyone else. This includes both the data you input and outgoing data. Hiding behind a VPN allows you to stay completely anonymous while browsing the Web and communicating with others. 

PIA VPN: What It Can Do For You

PIA VPN is an excellent choice for those wishing to stay anonymous online. It has high speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and it is easy to use. PIA VPN can also be used on multiple devices at the same time. They have a no logging policy that protects your identity from being sold or shared with third parties. PIA VPN also has a kill-switch feature that will stop all internet activity if the VPN connection drops.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

You can connect up 10 devices simultaneously using the same Private Internet Access subscription, which is more than double the typical we’ve seen in the marketplace. The market, however, could be shifting away from this model completely. Avira Phantom VPN, Ghostery Midnight, IPVanish VPN, Surfshark VPN, and Windscribe VPN all have no limits to the quantity of concurrent connections.

In addition to the many connection speeds, Private Internet Access has client applications that work on Android, iPhone, Linux, macOS, and Windows. Private Internet Access also has routers that are preconfigured to be compatible with Private Internet Access, extending VPN coverage to all devices that is connected to your network.

Private Internet Access also provides split-tunneling, letting you designate which apps send data through the VPN and which send data in the clear. This can be handy for high-bandwidth, low-risk activities, like streaming video. Private Internet Access also includes a multi-hop feature which routes your traffic through two VPN servers instead of just one. Interestingly, Private Internet Access VPN includes an option it calls multi-hop that routes your VPN traffic through an additional proxy.

The company does not offer users with access to Tor anonymization network through a VPN however, we must not forget that the use of a VPN is not necessary to use this free Tor network. Editors choice top picks ProtonVPN along with NordVPN both provide access to Tor multi-hop connections, as well as split-tunneling.

Many VPN firms add additional security and privacy features in order to attract customers. To achieve this, Private Internet Access includes its own tracker- and ad-blocking tool known as MACE. Private Internet Access informs us that Google’s guidelines require this feature been removed from the the Private Internet Access Android VPN Android application. Private Internet Access VPN recommends customers who wish to utilize MACE on Android to sideload an APK on its website but we have to remember that sideloading comes with some risk.

Private Internet Access can also support port forwarding on a few servers. This is a sophisticated setting although it’s not required to use an VPN it will surely get the attention of network tweakers.

Since the last time we reviewed it, Private Internet Access has started providing dedicated IP addresses for customers. This means that you will have the same IP address each whenever you sign up to the VPN. This could, theoretically look less suspicious as a constant shifting or well-known VPN IP address. It could thus remain unblockable by web sites that restrict VPN access, such as banks and streaming services. An IP address that is located in Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK and the US. The cost is five dollars per month per address as well as the amount equivalent upfront for more extensive subscriptions (so 60 dollars for one year). This is in addition to the standard Private Internet Access subscription. Existing customers are able to select an amount of time for the billing of a dedicated IP address.

While VPNs can be useful to protect your privacy online but they are not able to protect you from all threats. We strongly recommend using a an antivirus program that is standalone to safeguard your system, as well as an online password manager to design distinct and complicated passwords for each website and service, and to enable multi-factor authentication wherever accessible.

Types of Devices That Support Private Internet Access VPN

  • MAC
  • IOS
  • Mobile Apps
  • Browser Extension & Many More

Comparing with other VPNs

Private Internet Access is a VPN provider that offers encrypted and anonymous internet. The company is based in the United States, but it has servers located around the world. Since the company is based in the US, it provides great privacy to users there. It also has servers located in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia to offer excellent coverage across the globe.


Does Private Internet Access Secure?

Indeed, Private Internet Access VPN is very secure and safer to use.

Does Private Internet Access Costly?

No, It is affordable and it is in your budget

What Things to Consider While Choosing Other VPN?

A VPN’s server speed, price, and simultaneous device are important to consider when deciding on a VPN.


Private Internet Access is a great option for individuals looking to stay anonymous online. They offer great security and excellent customer service. The software can be downloaded or purchased for use on a variety of devices. The company also offers an encrypted chat program that is great for staying in touch with friends and family without exposing your personal information. Private Internet Access offers a large network of servers and is always looking to add more. You can view their server list here.