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NetSuite Review – CRM Software with Cloud Infrastructure

NetSuite CRM is an established and high-end CRM designed by Oracle. It lets users connect to other databases to provide a seamless data flow to the users. NetSuite CRM can also facilitate sales forecasting, and commission tracking and leverages integrated Ecommerce capabilities.

NetSuite CRM is an enterprise-grade CRM that includes sales and marketing automation features. It comes with custom and default reporting functions.

Oracle NetSuite CRM Features

There’s a multitude of features to think about when selecting the best CRM. It is part of the Oracle NetSuite platform, NetSuite CRM includes all of these features and more.

ERP Functionality

The sales management process doesn’t stop once the deal is completed that’s why it’s important it Oracle NetSuite CRM works in perfect synergy with the ERP tool of the vendor offering businesses the chance to monitor the entire customer’s life cycle, control financial information, manage orders, track inventory , and improve supply chain management. We suggest this CRM for online companies that wish to have access to the entire purchasing process, as well as the complete customer data without having to connect external tools.

Sales Forecasting

The CRM has a range of tools for sales forecasting to provide teams with the highest opportunity to succeed in an highly competitive setting. Calculated forecasts analyze customer data to calculate close probability of a weighted amount, the projected amount of quotations and opportunities within the pipeline. It is possible to use “mood ring” forecasts for general predictions that don’t have any connection to any specific quote or opportunity. You can also compare multiple forecasts to determine the accuracy of forecasts overall.

Upsell Recommendations

The built-in upsell manager analyses purchasing patterns and various other indicators of CRM to suggest opportunities for upselling as well as recommended items or categories of products. The system is also able to create separate lists of customers that meet certain criteria, discover possible opportunities from existing customer documents and transactions, build task lists, and schedule calls for teams or individuals. To find a CRM that also has an upselling feature, check out the analysis of Keap CRM.

Commission Management

Oracle NetSuite’s incentive programs management tools let you assess your sales reps’ efficiency by a variety of methods like the number of sales, quotas, profits, total sales or a custom set of parameters. Analytics can be used to estimate commissions or split commissions between agents, and make payments in the CRM platform.

Tools For Marketing Teams

Marketing Automation

NetSuite CRM lets users make use of marketing automation to target, create and implement marketing campaigns. Sales personnel can immediately see the outcomes of lead generation efforts that can incorporate into the outbound marketing campaigns. NetSuite lets users manage multi-channel marketing strategies in order to coincide with sales initiatives. This allows for quick responses, thus maximizing the value of every opportunity. It also automates lead capture through search engines, websites as well as direct mail and events. Other applications for marketing include NetSuite’s capacity to design and send automated promotional marketing campaigns via email and the capability to facilitate upsell marketing in accordance with purchase patterns.

Tools For Sales Teams

Salesforce Automation

NetSuite CRM lets users increase the effectiveness of their salesforces by implementing automatization, such as the automated routing of leads and hands over. NetSuite’s sales force automation provides sales with access in real-time to customer, opportunity and order information, assisting sales teams to manage and transform leads.


Netsuite comes with the complete variety of CRM functions such as logging leads and saving them as well as opportunities and deals.

Sales Forecasting

NetSuite CRM lets users get different types of sales forecasting to anticipate the future volume of sales. They include forecasts for mood rings or calculated forecasts as well as multiple forecasts.

Customizations And Integrations

A CRM most commonly used by large corporations and enterprise customers, nearly everything in Netsuite CRM is customizable. One example is that users can create any custom fields they want to design the CRM out precisely to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, NetSuite SiteBuilder allows users to design application forms that are based on the exact preferences of their agents’ lead collection procedure.

Reporting And Dashboard

NetsuiteCRM’s home screen is an environment for dashboards that display an actual time feed of information from all departments. Users can customize the display to show information based on its position on the pipeline of lead, and visualize the flow of information. For reports, Netsuite CRM lets users access standard or custom reports that are customized to meet their particular needs.

Mobile Options

NetSuite CRM has mobile applications that are available on the iPhone as well as Android. Its native iPhone application lets users access all CRM features, including KPI metric display as well as scorecards and graphics. The Android version gives access to the business suite that is integrated that lets users access business snapshots, with dashboard support, view KPIs, and much more.

Plans And Pricing

NetSuite CRM is a CRM for enterprise that is designed to be deployed to large numbers of users. It comes with a base fee that is $999 per year. After that, additional users may be added for $99 per user. NetSuite pricing can vary depending on the basis. To understand the true cost for your business to utilize NetSuite for your business, you should set up a consultation.

Implementation and Onboarding

Because Oracle NetSuite is not a standalone CRM system The initial implementation will be more difficult than other solutions available on the market. The specific steps will depend on the totality of modules that are added and the customizations that you buy with Oracle NetSuite ERP system. Fortunately, the business offers various checklists and other tools to help you with the deployment.

Oracle estimates that many businesses are able to set up within 30 days. However, the company admits that more complicated implementations can take up to one year. This is a lot longer than the time it takes to have most CRMs in place and employees onboarded, so it’s probably not practical for small businesses. For larger companies however, a powerful system such as Oracle NetSuite Oracle NetSuite platform may be worth the effort.

Ease Of Implementation And Use

Netsuite is designed to be deployed in organizations by experienced system administrators. At a minimum administrators will need to set up an outbound email server (SMTP) to send emails. Additionally, access permissions need to be set up in order to ensure that only authorized parties get access to controlled parts of the CRM.

Customer Service

Netsuite support is offered in two levels which are premium and basic. Users who sign up to a tier of service that provides premium support will have 24/7 access to the critical system and are able to assign four authorized support representatives within the company for issues that are not critical. Chats with support agents can be initiated via an online chat button , or through any of the direct-dial numbers for international customers.

Bottom Line

NetSuite CRM is a CRM for enterprise with a robust set of features, offering users an unrivalled view of their company as well as its clients. Since it was designed to be used in large companies, it’s not the most cost-effective CRM available. But, for those who require a tool that is scalable and is backed by a solid support system that has clearly agreed-upon service-level agreements, it is an ideal choice.

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