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Mirror.co Review: Does it’s worth to use?

Part LCD, part mirror Mirror Mirror is a home fitness gadget which streams millions of streaming live or online fitness classes onto its screen while displaying your reflection so you can see how you’re doing. It not only offers an extensive selection of classes that are full-body that cater to all fitness levels from the privacy of your own home, but it also doubles as a mirror that is full-length that has a modern and sleek style. It’s priced at a hefty $1,495, and a $39 per month membership is required to take classes. However, if you compare it to the crowded gyms and expensive boutique studios, it could be worth the cost for you. Especially in the event that you don’t have enough space for a large exercise machine. These factors are what make it Editors’ Choice.


The Mirror costs $1,495 and comes with a 1-year warranty. It is possible to pay an additional $250 to get it set up at the time of its delivery. If you’re not ready to pay the whole amount in advance, the company provides the option of financing it for as little as $41.53 each month over 36 months.

Every purchase is accompanied by a no-cost Starter Pack that comes with cleaning kits as well as resistance bands as well as an Bluetooth heart rate tracker. Like the chest strap Polar H10 Mirror’s heart rate monitor comes with an adjustable strap as well as an branded heart rate sensor located in the middle. The package also comes with a wall-mount and an aluminum stand in case you’d prefer to hang to the wall instead of hang it.

For access to the Mirror it is also necessary to pay $39 per month to use this companion application (available on Android as well as iOS). The app grants you an unlimited access to live as well as online classes. You can also create five profiles to other members of your family.

Setup and Design

If you opt to pay the $249 installation cost Mirror’s delivery services make the installation process quick and easy. Within a matter of minutes an expert mounted the Mirror to my wall . all I needed to do was connect it to the wall.

Being in a cramped New York City apartment, I’m not able to find a lot of space to store fitness equipment. Although you must make sure you have enough space finish your workout The best features of the Mirror is that it does not consume a lot of space, like it’s counterparts like the Peloton Bike or Tread have to. It measures 52.0 inches by 22.0 in 1.4 inches (HWD) It takes up the same wall space as a typical floor mirror. Although it weighs 70lbs, the mount is solid and secure.

In terms of style, in terms of design, the Mirror is sleek and contemporary. The carbon steel frame is an ebony powder coating that is subtle and is a good match for all kinds of decor. If it’s not being used for exercising, it’s difficult to discern if there’s a display within.

In the center between this Mirror will be a large 40 1080p display that is lively and bright. The topmost part of the display is a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, which, for this moment, is utilized to snap selfies after the workout session to later upload on the application. In the near future it will also be used to take personal training classes. (If you’re concerned about privacy it’s possible to use the Mirror has an lens cap that can be slid over the camera. it ruins the minimalist design however, it’s easy to adjust to.) Below are two speakers of 10 watts which sound clear and crisp. I’ve rarely had to crank up the volume as I’m in a tiny space, but even at the lowest volume it’s quite loud. The side on the Mirror is the power switch, with either a six-foot or one-foot power cable.

To make it more convenient Mirror provides connectivity. Mirror has dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi as well as a 25-foot Ethernet cable. Like Peloton devices, for connectivity Peloton products, I would recommend placing the Mirror near to your router’s Wi-Fi as possible to get the best quality streaming.

For third-party integrations in terms of third-party integrations, Mirror can be integrated with third-party apps. Mirror can be used with both the Apple Watch and the Apple Health app in addition to all Bluetooth heart rate sensor.

Using the Mirror

The Mirror is easy and simple to use, however since it’s not a touch screen, the display is controlled with your smartphone. To start, switch the power switch at the lower part of the Mirror it self and watch for the logo to show up on the screen. After that, you can open the app to ensure the Mirror is in good working order with your phone’s Wi-Fi. If your phone is ever disconnected the Mirror, a symbol appears in the upper right-hand edge of the display.

In the lower part of the application are five tabs including Home, Classes Live progress, Settings, and. In the Home tab, you’ll find suggested classes that are chosen in response to a survey (which includes questions about your objectives as well as your skill level and limitations) and your fitness record. Near the bottom, you’ll be able to browse through the the upcoming live classes and highlighted classes. The tab for classes contains the complete catalog of online exercises, which are divided into 13 distinct genres such as boxing, barre and cardio, chair kickboxing, dance, pilates and strength, pre/postnatal, stretching, toning and yoga. On the top of the page are two additional tabs labelled Collections and Programs. The tabs under Programs are where you are able to select various plans that are divided by level of difficulty. The Collections tab has three options currently each of which includes several workouts with themes such as The Absolute Beginner or 15-minute Favorites.

The Live tab will show you the schedule for all live classes, based on the days and times. If you click on the Progress tab, you’ll be able to check your weekly stats including your workout diary and the distance you’re towards achieving your goal for your workout. The Settings tab is where you link to your Mirror as well as the Bluetooth heart-rate monitor and much more.

In the search for classes you can select workouts according to your preference such as the instructor, genre duration, difficulty, as well as equipment. If you come across the class that you are interested in, tap on it to get an overview of the workout and the goals it’s created to address, as well as information about the instructor. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll be able to see the exact movements you’ll perform throughout the class and the length of time.

For music In terms of music, the Mirror can be used with Spotify. Once connected to your Spotify account using Settings where you can select the playlist you wish to play during your exercise and adjust the volume of music. Sometimes, instructors create their own Spotify playlists for their specific class which you are able to listen to during your exercise.

Working Out in the Mirror

Even for a beginner Mirror’s classes are easy to follow. Through the entire exercise the instructor sits at the center of the screen instructing and demonstrating every exercise. Each time a new movement or exercise begins the timer is displayed in the left hand corner to tell you the time you’ll have to complete the task for. Since there’s nobody physically around to help you correct your posture and your appearance in mirrors is a great way to ensure that you’re doing the exercises correctly.

On the bottom of the screen are two indicators that are displayed: heartbeats and calories per minute. Also, there’s a meter to measure goal heart rate, which shows the areas where your heart rate is expected to be throughout your workout and what it’s at this moment. This helps you discern whether you should up your speed or slow it down so that you can reach the goal.

Although you don’t have to wear an HR monitor while using the Mirror It can help to get the most of your exercise routine. If, for instance, you’re wearing it in live classes instructors can monitor the pace of your heartbeat and offer you an extra push, if needed. At the end of a barre workout, when I was feeling exhausted and chose to take a break and the instructor could tell my heart rate dropping and encouraged me to continue by shouting out a quick message, which certainly helped.

Like the way FightCamp’s punch trackers make you accountable to reach your target for punches The thought of having someone watching on your heart rate makes you keep your focus on the goal. This also helps to make up the lack of a leaderboard that creates a sense of competition in the classes offered by Peloton.

Mirror’s workouts are captured inside Mirror’s New York City studio with only one instructor. Every class is set against an black backdrop which provides a serene environment that is without distractions, which allows the participant to concentrate solely on your own measurements and the form. The display displays an overview of the other students in the class in real-time You can only view details like their name and city from which they’re.

As I knew I was doing my workout without anyone else around so I took your Mirror class as an opportunity get away from my routine by incorporating new equipment in my workout routines that I usually wouldn’t try in the gym. Utilizing the resistance band that are included in the starter kit I attended a couple of beginner’s strength classes. Although the exercises weren’t the easiest to master and the instructor would show the exercises from various angles, allowing me check that I was performing the exercises correctly. My muscles were sore for a few several days afterward however, I was eager to incorporate the bands into my next exercises.

After each exercise at the end of each workout, the Mirror gives you an overview of how you performed. On the screen you will be able to check the number of minutes you spent in the target zone, your heart rate, as well as the calories consumed. Below that is a graphic graph which shows the course of your heart rate over the course. It also shows each day you worked out during the week.


With a wide range of on-demand classes and live classes available to select from The Mirror can be a challenge to quit exercising. While it’s definitely expensive however, it’s a fantastic option for those living in urban areas where gym memberships can be costly and home space is restricted. With the capability to take classes at your own pace and at the convenience of your own home Mirror Mirror lets you efficiently fit in exercise on busy days. Instructors are fun to workout with, and the targeted heart rate zones ensure that you make the most of your classes, and also your mirror helps maintain your fitness. When it’s not in use the Mirror is hidden in the background , acting as an ordinary mirror. It’s an amazing blend of function and form and an Editors’ Choice.