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GoDaddy Website Builder: Worth The Money?

You probably imagine GoDaddy as the largest domain registrar, and this is one of the main areas of focus. However, GoDaddy certainly has made an impact in the building of websites world as well!

With its updated and upgraded builder Websites and Marketing GoDaddy is now the powerhouse behind more than 20 million sites and assists entrepreneurs and small companies increase their presence on the internet.

GoDaddy Rating: Breakdown

At Web Builder Expert, we take care of the legwork for you!

When we tried putting GoDaddy through its paces, we were apparent that it is able to build your site in just a few minutes. Some builders demand more effort on your part when creating websites, however GoDaddy realizes that a lot of small-scale business owners don’t have much time to spare.

Below, we’ll go over GoDaddy’s strengths and weaknesses within diverse categories like:

  • Ease of use
  • Design
  • Cost-effective
  • Support and assistance
  • Ecommerce
  • Features

Here’s a brief summary of GoDaddy’s performance across these areas:

How Easy Is GoDaddy To Use?

GoDaddy received a nice 4.1 out five rating for its user-friendliness in our most recent study which places it in the top three web builders in this area.

It’s not a surprise that GoDaddy’s ADI editor plays a significant role in this. Based on the answers you provide to a couple of inquiries, the system will go to work in creating the website. So you don’t have to be concerned with the technical aspect of creating a site!

It’s comforting to know that you don’t require programming skills to begin using GoDaddy. It’s a matter of inserting elements and changing fonts to personalize your website beyond what the ADI already offers.

What can we do to determine how simple a web-based editor is? We tested them with normal users, everyday people! We recruited people of different levels of technical ability to build websites with the tools.

Customer Satisfaction

It’s fine and well inviting people to try the GoDaddy website building tool, but how happens to those that actually have an account with them? Are they satisfied?

We asked 1,881 people to rate their websites, and, more specifically, if they’d utilized GoDaddy’s site builder tool to build their website.

The results showed that of those who had utilized GoDaddy’s website building tool 89% were happy with their site. It’s not bad.

Ecommerce: Can You Sell Online With GoDaddy?

You’ve sold a few goods through eBay, Etsy or other marketplaces, but are you looking to take your business to the next step with an online presence? GoDaddy’s Website Builder is a good option.

Here’s a summary of the e-commerce features you can expect from GoDaddy:

  • SSL Security to protect customer transactions and payments
  • Abandoned cart Recovery
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Social selling and Marketplace
  • Tracking site performance

With $14.99 monthly, (renews at $24.99) You can sell up to 5,000 items and send emails to abandoned carts and even add coupons or discounts. For this price you’ll also have access to GoDaddy Insight, which will help you grow your business even more.

At $29.99 each month (renews for a fee of $44.99) You can offer an unlimited amount of items, automate sales tax calculations, and even sell more through marketplaces, with up to 1,000 sales per month.

GoDaddy has a trial plan available in case you’d like to try the service risk-free. its ecommerce plans are among the most affordable alternatives for selling on the internet.

After looking through GoDaddy’s website builder, it’s evident that the majority of GoDaddy sites are mobile-friendly and can accept debit and credit card payments and the acceptance for PayPal or Apple Pay via a trusted merchant service known as Square.

GoDaddy also offers an internal payments system known as GoDaddy Payments which allows you to make and send custom payments via Pay Links.

In general, the two e-commerce plans are great for people or small-sized businesses that want to market a range of goods.

GoDaddy’s Tools and Features

Our research revealed that GoDaddy was rated 3.3 in five for features and tools. Let’s take a look at the most important features of GoDaddy:

  • 24/7 support via phone: Support from GoDaddy’s team of experts is on hand to help at any time of the day.
  • Integration with social media: You can easily add icons that link onto your social media accounts however, this feature is rather limited.
  • Analytics: You are able to incorporate Google Analytics to monitor the number of people that visit your site
  • SEO Google automatically analyzes your site to make it more optimized for search engines like Google and Bing
  • Back-up and Restore: GoDaddy backs up your website in order to safeguard it from the chance that your site crashes or gets hacked

If you’re interested in learning more about GoDaddy’s capabilities continue going to the bottom of this article for a deeper look into the tools available.

Social Media Integration

Social media is a great example of a feature that is accessible on GoDaddy’s site builder, however upon examination the functionality, it is not as effective. It is possible to add icons that link to various social networks and even link to your Facebook store However, for now it’s about the extent of it. In all sincerity, GoDaddy is beginning to launch social sharing. This can really bring your site to new heights. So be on the lookout!

Additionally, GoDaddy has recently enabled Live feeds and an authoring feature. You can also incorporate YouTube live streaming that is becoming a popular method of communicating with many more users. If you’re selling on the internet The good news is that you’re now able to sell on social media platforms, as well like Instagram or Facebook. It is possible to sell 50 items each month under the Commerce plan as well as up to 1,000 orders per month with the Commerce Plus plan.


GoDaddy makes use of Google Analytics to assist you in keeping an eye on the number of people who arrive on your website. This will let you keep track of everything from which pages receive the most traffic as well as how long users visit your site overall. Many website builders use the tools to analyze their websites but by outsourcing the process the task to Google, GoDaddy have ensured that their customers get excellent free analysis.


GoDaddy is among the biggest domain registrars in the world and setting up the domain isn’t that difficult. Prices start at $9.99 (VAT is not inclusive) to buy the domain for one year but if you decide to purchase two or more years the first year costs $0.01. Already have a domain but would like to transfer it to GoDaddy? There’s no problem. Follow the easy procedures in this useful step-by-step guide  and you’re ready to start. It’s important to note that the process of transfer could take 7-10 days to be completed. You can join a custom domain to one of the GoDaddy’s plans.


SSL (secure socket layer) protection is provided in all GoDaddy packages. Simply put, SSL security establishes a link between a server and a browser in order to ensure that all information exchanged between them remains secure and secure. GoDaddy also provides the 99.9 percent uptime guarantee as well as total redundancy in the network.

Backups & Restores

GoDaddy’s web builder comes with an extremely useful auto-save feature that can backup your website, even if you don’t remember to. This is a fantastic option to have in case your website crashes or is compromised. Contrary to some other builders however, you are able to rebuild your site from the point where that it was saved. If you make a mistake , and it saves automatically, you’ll need to correct the error manually rather than just restore the site to the place before the error was committed.

GoDaddy’s Pricing And Value For Money

When you’re looking at websites’ pricing plans for builders, we suggest you scratch under the surface and discover what you’re actually going to spend your dollars.

GoDaddy received an 4.3 out of 5 score in our value-for-money research. This is mostly due to its extremely inexpensive pricing plans in comparison with other builders. The plans are not only relatively affordable however, they also offer you a great deal for your money.

GoDaddy offers four pricing plans for website builders. plans that include Basic plan: $6.99/month basic plan is the cheapest (billed each year). Its $13.99/month premium plan allows you to take online payments and conduct regular classes. This $14.99/month Commerce Plan offers basic sales capabilities, allowing sellers to market up to 5,000 goods. Its $29.99/month Commerce Plus plan lets you sell unlimited products as well as create up to 100,000 email addresses each month.

It’s worth looking at GoDaddy’s renewal rates prior to committing to a plan, as every plan renews at more expensive cost than these initial discounts. For instance, the cheapest Basic plan renews for $11.99 per month after the first month is completed while the Commerce plan goes between $14.99 each month up until $24.99 each month.

GoDaddy also provides an trail Plan to allow you to investigate if it’s suitable choice for you prior to making the decision to sign up.

Basic Plan

For $6.99 monthly You’ll receive many features, including blogging, videos, photo galleries, and audio programming. Each website has fast page-loading performance, and is mobile-friendly. Additionally, you have access to all GoDaddy’s services for help and support. SSL Security, social sharing as well as GoDaddy’s marketing suite known as GoDaddy Insights are also built-in.

Premium Plan

At $13.99 per month You get everything that is included within the Standard Plan and more emails sent per month. Also importantly the SEO wizard that will help you evaluate your business and giving advice on how to get higher rankings on Google. Additionally, you get additional options for appointments, including accepting payment for reservations.

Commerce Plan

At $14.99 per month, you might be wondering what’s different between that plan and the premium plan? It’s quite a bit, actually. The Premium Plan will give you access to a variety of exciting new ecommerce features , such as the capability to sell up to 5,000 items on the internet offering gift cards, discounts, and even shop on social media posts.

Commerce Plus Plan

For $29.99 for a month You can expand your online store by utilizing features like an automated calculation of sales taxes as well as automated tax forms that are filled out automatically, to make the life of an entrepreneur faster and more efficient. For your business’s growth you are able to offer an unlimited amount of items!

How Good is GoDaddy’s Help and Support?

GoDaddy provides a 24 hour phone number to help with any problems you might encounter. Live chat is also available. service available from Monday to Friday between 5am and 6pm.

If you don’t wish to sit for a call or need assistance during non-business hours GoDaddy’s knowledgebase and forum is your first choice for assistance. General and general inquiries are fine, but when you’re seeking information on something particular or specific on GoDaddy it is likely that you’ll need wait for someone to get an answer. If you are looking for a website builder that offers greater assistance and support including video tutorials, email support.

Design Flexibility and Templates

GoDaddy has made significant improvements in its design functions which earn it an impressive 4.3 in a five design score. Actually, its significantly upgraded templates and customized templates has earned GoDaddy an 14% growth in the category of design since last time we tested it!

GoDaddy’s website builder offers gallery galleries of images with a variety of stock images available as well as the ability to embed audio and video from YouTube/Vimeo as well as SoundCloud as well.

GoDaddy offers a greater variety of themes than it did previously and has more than 100 themes available. The Theme Customizer allows you to look at your website in a variety of styles without losing content. This is a fantastic feature!

In addition the content you have created will be updated automatically to conform to the new format, and this will happen both on mobile and desktop devices.

The biggest problem when the use of ADI to design your site is the lack of control over the creative aspects you are given. Sites look rather general when using GoDaddy which could be difficult if you want to distinguish yourself from the rest.

That’s the reason, if design is at the top of your list of needs it’s best to consider other website builders. Squarespace is the best choice according to our study of design, and so is a good place to begin.

If the appearance of your site isn’t on your list of priorities or you’re just not certain of how you would like your site to appear or feel, then GoDaddy is the best choice. You can still get an elegant appearance. It will be less cluttered than if you build a website using such services as Squarespace as well as Wix.

SEO and Marketing

With more tools for marketing than ever before, more SEO-friendly, and a customized action plan to help you reach your goals marketing and websites is a small-business owner’s dream – particularly for those who aren’t tech-savvy!

SEO: 3/5

GoDaddy’s SEO tools can be very helpful for those who are new to SEO. GoDaddy Websites and Marketing is now able to automatically review your site and makes it more optimized for popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! If you own a business, you may also add your contact information in Google and Yelp to help increase the number of customers who visit your site.

Here’s what you can accomplish using the SEO tools of GoDaddy:

  • Change meta titles and descriptions.
  • Change URL Slugs
  • Text to the alt image
  • Get support for keywords
  • Make use of mobile responsive themes

It’s important to remember in this instance that GoDaddy’s powerful SEO tools aren’t included on the lowest priced plan. This is something you should be aware of when choosing the plan you want to go with.

Google’s SEO wizard can be an extremely easy way for beginners to begin in optimizing your site. While it’s not equipped with some more sophisticated SEO tools like Squarespace or Wix include, like the canonical tag, GoDaddy is definitely ideal for SEO novices.

Marketing: 4/5

For marketing purposes, GoDaddy provides you with your personal customized mail address for a year via G Suite, and GoDaddy also offers its own free, built-in email system which you can make use of. With this service, you’ll be able to create targeted marketing campaigns via email since you can whether you like it or not it marketing via email isn’t going away in the near future!

The plan allows you to mail up to 100 messages each month with the lowest plan and up to 100,000 emails on the highest priced Commerce Plus plan!

GoDaddy also provides an Digital Marketing Suite to help you take your company’s website up a notch. It lets you control your listings for your business and social media accounts, and email marketing from the same dashboard. Not bad!

The customized action plans made clear what aspects of your website require more effort to increase engagement.

Blogging: 3/5

GoDaddy has taken a number of steps to enhance their blogging features. It is now possible to allow comments on blog posts and there’s a an expectation of enhancements to be made in the future.

It’s not easy to make your website stand out using GoDaddy. We’d like to have GoDaddy provide more blogging options, including blog analytics, writer profiles and a search function.

There are better platforms that allow blogging, and we recommend looking over our list of top blog platforms to determine which one will work best for your needs.

GoDaddy Website Builder Review – Summary

We suggest GoDaddy for those looking to create a website in a short time without sacrificing professionalism. For entrepreneurs as well as small companies, GoDaddy is an ideal option. The ADI editor makes creating your website as simple as it can be, and provides options for personalization.

GoDaddy has a wealth of marketing options available at a affordable cost. If you’re looking to expand an online company, we suggest looking into Shopify!

The website building tool from GoDaddy is perfect to sell online in small amounts, making it ideal for small-scale businesses that are busy and require a website up and running as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for an individual website, or if your business is an art-related field then it might not be the best choice for you.

We should not forget this: GoDaddy has made huge strides in enhancing its design capabilities and we should hope that it will improve in the near future – stay tuned to this area!