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Express VPN Review

Our Verdict

ExpressVPN keeps delivering a quality VPN service. The 3,000 private servers it has are quick and efficient for torrenting anonymously. The user-friendly VPN apps include essential security features. You can also streaming Netflix, HBO and many other platforms for streaming content. It’s the most reliable VPN of 2022. It is the reason for the premium price.

ExpressVPN is among the most well-known VPN services, boasting more than 3 million customers worldwide. It’s also among the more expensive options that are available, but.

In the purpose of our evaluation on ExpressVPN We evaluated all it’s VPN applications to determine whether they’re as secure and fast as its competitors.

Although ExpressVPN isn’t the perfect choice, it is our number one VPN option for 2022. It offers fast worldwide speeds, solid security, and a great user experience.

ExpressVPN stands out due to its ability to bypass restrictive geo-blocks. It is able to bypass streaming platforms such as US Netflix, HBO Max as well as Amazon Prime Video, and it’s among the few VPNs that operate in China.

Additionally, ExpressVPN allows torrenting on the 3,000 diskless servers that are secure. Your Internet traffic is routed through secured VPN protocols such as Lightway as well as OpenVPN that use AES-256 encryption.

Our security tests showed that the VPN never exposed our IP address or DNS as well as the VPN kill switch always protected our real IP address even in extremely rare connections failures.

Scroll down to read the VPN details of the service listed in this table. It is also possible to compare ExpressVPN with the top VPN providers against each other within this article.

ExpressVPN Review: A Quick Review

Before we dive into our comprehensive ExpressVPN review check out this video that demonstrates how simple ExpressVPN can be used:

To see all the ExpressVPN applications such as browser extensions, browsers and tools, as well as take a look at more video tutorials go to our Platforms and Devices and the Ease of use sections.

ExpressVPN Key Data

Data Cap: Unlimited

Speed: 88Mbps

Logging Policy for Anonymous Server Usage Data

Data Leaks: No

Jurisdiction British Virgin Islands (Privacy Haven)

Servers: 3,000

IP Addresses: 3,000+

Countries in 94 countries.

US Netflix: Yes

Torrenting: Unlimited

Simultaneous Connections: 5

Works in China: Yes

Live Chat support available: 24/7

Cheapest Price $6.67/mo over 15 Months

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Official Website:

Streaming: ExpressVPN is great for streaming particularly Netflix

Streaming Rating9.9/10

ExpressVPN is the top streaming VPN in general. Its high speed and extensive servers make it an a great choice for streaming geo-restricted content on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Amazon Prime Video.

The video above, you will be able to see our actual ExpressVPN test of stream quality. We tested the performance of the VPN for accessing US Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and DAZN.

ExpressVPN streams 10 Netflix regions

In our most recent tests ExpressVPN was able to stream Netflix from the US Netflix library on almost all of its US VPN servers. New York was the only server that did not work.

We discovered that ExpressVPN was able to connect to 10 distinct Netflix regions across a range of countries that include Canada, Australia, Germany, France, the UK and the US.

Although Windscribe, PrivateVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark are all compatible with many Netflix countries, ExpressVPN is a more secure VPN to stream US Netflix, specifically.

However, if you’re facing the Netflix proxy issue, check out our detailed guide for how to fix ExpressVPN’s issue of not functioning with Netflix.

ExpressVPN works With HBO Max, Prime Video, DAZN and More

Although ExpressVPN does not offer dedicated streaming servers as CyberGhost however, our tests have shown that many servers are compatible with nearly every streaming platform.

Not only ExpressVPN the most popular Netflix VPN, but it’s also the most reliable VPN to use with HBO Max and DAZN.

ExpressVPN has issues streaming BBC iPlayer

ExpressVPN has problems streaming BBC iPlayer, but it is generally working. Overcoming the the BBC’s VPN ban isn’t an easy task and may require a few attempts to get ExpressVPN to function.

To access BBC iPlayer, we recommend using ExpressVPN’s browser extension and connect to either the London server as well as that of Wembley one. This method is effective for those who are situated outside of the UK.

If using ExpressVPN and it isn’t working on BBC iPlayer, try connecting to an alternative UK server or switching connection protocols. The Smart DNS service called ‘MediaStreamer works with iPlayer as well.

Due to the amount of tweaking that is needed, ExpressVPN is not the most reliable VPN for BBC iPlayer. If that’s what you’re searching for, take a look at the NordVPN review to find out the reason we would recommend it.

Here's a list of the most popular streaming platforms. ExpressVPN currently blocks:

Amazon Prime Video
Today on TV
Sling TV

What is the best way to compare ExpressVPN compare to other streaming VPNs?

The table below outlines how ExpressVPN stood out against other top streaming VPNs with regard to download speed, streaming accessibility and Smart DNS capabilities and more.

Speed and Reliability

ExpressVPN is consistently fast throughout the World

Speed and Reliability Rating


ExpressVPN is among the most speedy VPNs we’ve test. We observed an average loss in speed of 8 percent when connecting to its close VPN servers in the US, and as low of 17% when you connect from overseas. In reality, ExpressVPN is consistently just the same speed as major rivals such as NordVPN.

The speed of the VPN is remarkably constant on both short-distance as well as long-distance connections. The VPN’s apps all connect swiftly to servers and we haven’t experienced any sudden drops in connection in the course of hundreds of test.

To assess the effect of ExpressVPN on speed of internet We compared the speed of our downloads before and after connecting manually to the nearest VPN server (using the “Smart Location feature).

Here are the complete tests of local speeds:

The results of the local speed test prior to using ExpressVPN:

A loss of 8% in speed when using an VPN is quite impressive. It’s amazing that the OpenVPN as well as Lightway protocols had no effect on our download or upload speeds. Whatever your location you’ll get similar speeds when connecting to servers in close proximity.

Fast speeds for lag-free gaming

ExpressVPN’s speedy speed makes it an ideal option for gamers. We measured a ping speed of 8ms for an unconnected server, which is much faster than other VPN we’ve examined.

As low as the latency, the lesser lag you’ll encounter when gaming online. We generally recommend a ping below 50ms for games that are fast-paced, such as Call of Duty and CS:GO. ExpressVPN is fast enough for playing competitive games on every server local we played with.

In typical fashion the ping speed of ExpressVPN will increase significantly for servers further away. If you’re not playing a more slow-paced game, we’d recommend that sticking to servers within your own country.

How fast is ExpressVPN, compared with other VPNs?

We conducted the speed tests mentioned above by hand. The speed test results are based on the automatic VPN speed tester instead. The tool test 18 VPNs in 13 cities around the globe.

The graph below illustrates VPN speed reductions on an New York to New York test connection, when compared with the absence of VPN running. Tests are automatically run every day, four times with speeds limited to 100Mbps (a normal broadband connection for home use).

ExpressVPN has been extremely reliable since the time we started testing it, and is still at a high speed until 2022. You can tell in the graph of speed above, ExpressVPN is much faster than Private Internet Access, and is just as speedy as NordVPN.

Overall, ExpressVPN’s remarkable speed, both international and local, is perfect for torrenting large files and stream HD/4K videos.


ExpressVPN’s P2P Servers Run fast and Anonymous

Rating of Torrenting


Our tests repeatedly show that ExpressVPN is an excellent option for torrenting. P2P is free to use throughout every server’s network. DNS leaks and IP leaks are not common and its average speed of 9.4MiB/s is higher than the majority of its competitors.

We tried ExpressVPN using torrent clients like qBittorrent, uTorrent, and Deluge. The VPN did not reveal the torrent’s IP nor DNS credentials for a single time.

In the event that our VPN connection was interrupted and our VPN kill switch was activated to block our real IP address from becoming visible.

Together with AES-256 encryption as well as secure VPN protocols It’s this degree of protection that make ExpressVPN an excellent VPN that is ideal for streaming.

ExpressVPN allows you to share files across its complete server network with no restrictions. No activity related to file sharing is tracked, recorded or recorded.

Superfast P2P Download speeds However, there is a limited port forwarding

In our ExpressVPN tests of torrenting We recorded a fantastic Bitrate for torrenting of 9.4MiB/s. This is significantly higher over the CyberGhost’s 3.9MiB/s as well as NordVPN’s 6.5MiB/s for instance.

But in terms of seeding it is the VPN service is only able to allow port forwarding via its router application. It is possible to upload (or seed) files with different VPN clients, but the speeds are very slow.

Seeders ought to go through this Private Internet Access review, one of the best VPN which allows port forwarding for its apps.

Logging & Jurisdiction

ExpressVPN is a Virtually Zero-Logs VPN that is based in a secure Jurisdiction

Logging & Jurisdiction Rating


ExpressVPN is a virtually zero-logs VPN service with virtually no logs. The VPN does not keep any logs of your personal activities and only stores basic connection information, such as the date you connected and the server you choose to connect to. It does not store your entire IP address, nor does it record your web activities.

ExpressVPN Does Not Collect Anonymous User Data Logs

Based on this, ExpressVPN is virtually no-logs. The company ensures that this minimum amount of information to ensure that the server is running at its best. All this information shows is that you’ve utilized VPN VPN at some moment in time.

We also spoke with Harold Li, Vice President of ExpressVPN on the policy for data retention of the VPN. Here’s what he told us:

“. . .duration of retention is dependent on the kind of information . . . We never store or collect any information that can connect a particular customer to particular activity within our VPN network. EU customers may also ask to have their data erased at any time according to their rights under the GDPR.”

Although it’s depressing not knowing how long the data is kept but the most important thing is that it can’t be used to determine who you are or to track what you’ve done on the internet.

ExpressVPN’s log-logging policy was tested throughout December 2017. One of their servers was confiscated and scrutinized in the hands of Turkish officials investigating the murder attempt of Andrei Karlov, the Russian diplomat, Andrei Karlov.

However the Turkish investigators could not discover any connection logs for users.

To sum up, ExpressVPN doesn’t monitor or store:

Your IP address is your real one.

It’s the VPN address you’ve been using

Your Internet (browsing) history

Internet activity metadata

DNS queries

Who Owns ExpressVpn?

This VPN service was launched in 2009 and is managed through Express VPN International Ltd. The management of the company likes to keep a low profile.

Ideally an VPN firm should be transparent regarding its ownership. ExpressVPN keeps its privacy ensures it has the security and reliability of its service in nations such as China.

Kape Technologies bought ExpressVPN in the late 2021, for a total of $1 billion. The British-Israeli-based tech company has three additional VPN services including CyberGhost, Private Internet Access and ZenMate.

After the purchase, little has changed in the daily operations of ExpressVPN and the efficiency that its application software provides.

Project Raven Controversy

In September 2021 it was discovered that ExpressVPN’s CIO Daniel Gericke was once hired by US as well as UAE intelligence agencies. He was also involved in scandalous Project Raven, which ExpressVPN has criticized.

ExpressVPN has issued its official reaction to the story here and explained Gericke’s position and significance to ExpressVPN here.

ExpressVPN is located in the privacy-friendly BVI

The company is registered within BVI, which is in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and is not part of its membership in the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance.

The BVI is a great option for any company that is concerned with privacy. The BVI is completely in control over its data laws as well as outside governments and agencies are not able to oblige ExpressVPN to release data.

Security and Features

ExpressVPN's Apps Are Highly Private and Secure

ExpressVPN is a highly secure VPN service that employs the most advanced VPN connections and AES-256 encryption. Security of the VPN has been confirmed through audits conducted by trusted organizations such as PWC and Cure53 The applications are open-source. Overall, ExpressVPN is one of the most secure VPN services that are available.

ExpressVPN's powerful encryption

ExpressVPN utilizes AES-256-CBC encryption as well as secured VPN protocols. Together with the 4096-bit RSA key and the SHA-512 HMAC (Hash Message Authentication Code) authentication, your data on the internet cannot be changed in real-time.

The encryption level ExpressVPN employs is the same level of encryption that banks and governments recommend.

ExpressVPN operates its own, private DNS servers, which are zero-knowledge. This means that ExpressVPN manages and encrypts the DNS request (the websites you browse) without the involvement of a third-party. Only a few VPN services offer these servers.

In default, the VPN service utilizes Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). PFS creates a brand new encryption key for each VPN session, and then replaces each 60 minute interval. Even if someone accessed and decrypted your connection the most they’ll obtain would be 60 minutes worth of information.

Additional Secure Protocols for ExpressVPN and LightWay

The VPN applications automatically select the most appropriate VPN method for you however you can pick one by hand in case you want to.

We suggest using OpenVPN or ExpressVPN’s own protocol called Lightway.

Lightway has performed extremely well in our security and speed tests. Lightway also uses less battery power and bandwidth as compared to other VPN protocols because it uses fewer lines of code.

ExpressVPN recently has made their Lightway protocol available to the public (allowing anyone to access the code). This is a great opportunity to establish confidence in a VPN protocol.

Lightway is accessible across all ExpressVPN’s programs. You can also select between AES, auto, as well as ChaCha20 encryption.

ExpressVPN is a dependable Kill Switch

ExpressVPN isn’t equipped with a great number of security features that are advanced, however, those it does offer are very efficient.

Its secure VPN kill switch known as “Network Lock. It blocks your internet connection completely in the event that your VPN connection fails. This way your IP address isn’t disclosed.

The kill switch of ExpressVPN has performed extremely well in our tests. In the rare event of an VPN connection problem, Network Lock promptly cut the internet connection to hide our IP address.

Network Lock is accessible Network Lock is available on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android (on that platform it’s referred to as Network Protection). The feature isn’t yet available in the iOS application yet, something that ExpressVPN must fix.

ExpressVPN's TrustedServer Technology

TrustedServer is the exclusive technology ExpressVPN has developed to guarantee that your data on the internet is not stored on the VPN servers hard disk.

TrustedServer offers the following security advantages:

All data is deleted with each reboot, because VPN servers do not have disks and run solely on RAM.

Servers don’t write anything on the drive to erase data, thereby reducing the risk of data loss

The entire stack of software is installed on each server upon the time of

Lets ExpressVPN to track what’s running on every server, ensuring no inconsistent data

ExpressVPN doesn’t leak your IP Address or DNS Address

We tested the VPN applications through IP DNS, IP, and WebRTC leak tests, and it did well, with no leaks.

You can observe from the screenshot above, ExpressVPN disguised our actual UK IP address, and then replaced it with one that was a Swedish one.

Also, we tested the extensions from ExpressVPN to detect HTML5 browser leaks as well as torrent IP leaks. They also passed with flying colours.

ExpressVPN Allows Split Tunneling

VPN Split tunneling can be an option that isn’t found in many VPNs. It lets you select which applications should utilize the VPN connection and which ones shouldn’t.

This setting has practical benefits (for instance, printing wirelessly). You can have specific devices connected your regular internet connection instead of the VPN to avoid issues with connection between devices.

Split tunneling isn’t supported by ExpressVPN for Mac However, it is available.

Apple Platforms Now have Threat Manager

ExpressVPN’s latest featurethat will roll out by around the time of its 2021 expiration is dubbed Threat Manager. Once activated, it stops websites as well as other apps in your Apple gadget from sharing information through third party trackers, or communicating with malicious websites.

It’s distinct from other tracking blockers that we’ve had in VPNs before. The typical VPN tracker blockers only stop the websites you visit from tracking, however Threat Manager blocks other applications and applications from tracking you, as well.

It does this by blocking access to specific DNS server that have been placed listed on ExpressVPN’s blacklist. In spite of the fact that it is cross-referencing DNS requests made by devices, the service respects ExpressVPN’s privacy no-logs policy and doesn’t store all of the requests.

It’s available for now only for iOS and macOS However, it’s set to launch on Windows, Android, and Linux versions of ExpressVPN in the near future.

To bypass Censorship

ExpressVPN Works in China, Turkey and the UAE

In order to bypass Censorship Ratings, you must pass the


ExpressVPN is among the few VPNs that are still working in China. We test its capability to defy restrictions in China each week. Although VPN services such as Astrill are always better than ExpressVPN but it’s among the most secure VPNs across the globe due to its obfuscation tech.

The majority of VPN services don’t operate in China. It is a major investment to develop an VPN that is able to consistently circumvent restrictions within the country.

It is a credit to ExpressVPN that ExpressVPN has put a significant amount of effort to beat China’s Great Firewall of China.

The obfuscation tech is activated automatically when you turn the option to select a protocol on to “Automatic.” The technology hides the VPN data as regular web browsing, which allows you connect to restricted sites and applications.

Contrary to other VPN review sites We test ExpressVPN each week in China. Check out our real-world tests by watching the below video. We have been able to access blocked sites such as Instagram as well as Wikipedia.

ExpressVPN is a great choice of Anti-censorship Servers

ExpressVPN offers specific servers to its customers in China. Contact their customer service (available 24 hours a day) for the most current server recommendations.

They are generally located found in areas close to the city, such as Hong Kong (which still enjoys an internet that is free). These Hong Kong servers also let users access Chinese television as well as websites from other countries. China.

Official ExpressVPN website is not accessible in China Make sure you download the most recent version of their app(s) prior to your arrival.

The obfuscation feature of ExpressVPN is extremely effective, so much so that it’s a must to use the VPN can also be used with Turkey, the UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other unrestricted countries.

Server Locations

ExpressVPN has 3,000 secure servers in over 160 locations

Server Locations Rating


ExpressVPN has more than 3,000 VPN servers in 160 cities across 94 countries. It’s one of the biggest VPN server networks and you’ll never be unable to locate a nearby server. Furthermore it is the VPN does not suffer from slow speeds or traffic congestion.

Does ExpressVPN Make use of Virtual Servers?

ExpressVPN is among only a handful of VPN services that are transparent and transparent when it comes to using the virtual servers of different locations.

40 of the 160 locations for servers can be described as virtual locations.

Physical VPN server can be physically situated in the city or country that you would like for connection to. The server as well as its assigned IP to it are situated in the same region. The majority of ExpressVPN servers are physically located.

Virtual server locations function in a different manner. They’re physically located in one location, however they offer you an IP address for another country. They allow you to connect to countries that are difficult to set up physical servers.

The virtual server location is as effective in bypassing geographical restrictions on websites. Your IP address remains registered in the nation you’ve selected for connecting to. If the server’s physical location is further away than you’d like this can result in an impact on your connection speed.

Platforms & Devices

ExpressVPN is available for download on Most Devices

Device Compatibility

ExpressVPN provides applications available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Fire OS and Linux. Based on our experience in testing the apps, they are extremely simple to set up and use. It is possible to use an ExpressVPN subscription across five different devices at the at the same time. This is an typical for the industry.

ExpressVPN’s MacOS Client

ExpressVPN’s macOS application is nearly exactly the same as its Windows version. A lot of VPN providers have inferior Mac applications compared to their top Windows app, but it’s not the case with ExpressVPN.

The main issue that is a problem for Mac users is the fact that there’s no extension for Safari as of yet.

ExpressVPN’s iOS Application

ExpressVPN available for iPhone as well as iPad is even simpler than the version for desktops.

It appears to be similar however, once you go deep into settings, you’ll find that there’s nothing there.

You can select between the Lightway (UDP as well as TCP) or IKEv2 Protocol. You can also choose whether or it is the case that it is required that VPN automatically reconnects itself if it loses connectivity. Additionally, there’s a button that lets you change the VPN configuration in the event that the application ceases to function.

ExpressVPN has made a decision to revamp its iOS application more efficient and light for mobile. However, the absence of the kill switch is a significant missing feature.

ExpressVPN’s newest feature, the Threat Manager tracker blocking feature is available only exclusively on iOS as well as macOS.

ExpressVPN’s Android Application

The Android application has the same home screen that is available in the iOS application, but there are some distinctions between the two apps.

The major difference between the iOS application is the addition of an kill switch. If this feature is activated it allows you to use your phone with confidence knowing you IP will be hidden even if your VPN connection ever fails.

The kill switch is located in Network Protection Settings > Block internet if you’re unable to connect or connect to a VPN.

Another useful feature of Android that isn’t available that’s not available on iOS is the split tunneling. ExpressVPN has been able to bring this feature due to the fact that Android is more flexible. Android operating system is much more adaptable and allows you to decide which apps (if you have any) shouldn’t utilize this VPN connection.

ExpressVPN Linux Client

While it has excellent apps for each platform ExpressVPN’s Linux application is a disappointment.

In reality, ExpressVPN doesn’t even have an application that works on Linux systems. The application doesn’t even have GUI (graphical user interface) which means that the VPN operates directly out of the console.

Linux users are probably used to this, however it’s an oversight. We prefer VPNs that use built-in Linux clients.

After you’ve installed ExpressVPN by using standard Linux console command, you’ll be able to make connections to the suggested server or browse through a comprehensive list of servers and the commands needed in order to join them.

You can also switch off on the Network Lock (the kill switch) or change the protocol and tell the client to connect automatically upon initial startup.

ExpressVPN Router Compatibility

For unlimited connectivity for unlimited connections, you’ll have set up your VPN on your router at home. ExpressVPN is among the top VPN router applications we’ve tested.

ExpressVPN can be used with these routers:

Asus RT-AC56(U/R/S)

Asus RT-AC68U

Asus RT-AC87U

Linksys EA6200

Linksys WRT1200AC

Linksys WRT1900AC(S)

Linksys WRT3200ACM

Netgear R6300v2

Netgear R6700v3

Netgear Nighthawk R7000

Netgear Nighthawk R7000P

It is also possible to manually set the VPN on these routers manufacturers:

Other Asus models








ExpressVPN’s router application allows you to connect your routers to distinct groups. Then, you can connect the groups to different servers.

We have tested the connection of the Fire TV Stick and our Apple TV to a US server, and then connecting our smartphones to servers located in France. All went smoothly without issue.

Gaming Consoles and streaming Devices

ExpressVPN is a fantastic VPN to use with games consoles as well as streaming devices which do not have native VPN applications.

In actual fact, ExpressVPN is our top option to use a VPN on Xbox One and Series X|S consoles because of its speedy connection speeds as well as its native router app as well as Smart DNS.

ExpressVPN performed well in conjunction with Apple TV in our streaming tests. The VPN can also be used with the following gaming consoles, streaming and other devices.

Apple TV

Amazon Fire TV

Android TV





Smart TV


ExpressVPN MediaStreamer

MediaStreamer is compatible in conjunction with Apple TV and Games Consoles

MediaStreamer is ExpressVPN’s SmartDN tool. It lets you unblock streaming on devices that do not support VPN apps, for example, games consoles and smart TVs.

It does this by changing the default DNS servers on your device to those run by ExpressVPN. It’s not as secure as a complete VPN connection however it’s the most efficient method to disguise your location on these devices.

We have our MediaStreamer DNS credential page is located in the Account section.

The use of MediaStreamer is straightforward to use, and there are set-up instructions for hundreds of different devices available at the ExpressVPN website.

Before you can start using MediaStreamer make sure you register your ExpressVPN IP address on the DNS Settings page. Next, click on the ‘Configure DNS for this device Click here.

This is the ExpressVPN DNS Configuration Page

Make sure you register your IP address and then set up DNS to access MediaStreamer.

ExpressVPN is a good Fire Television Stick Application

ExpressVPN provides a reliable Fire OS app that unblocks various content platforms and also streams Kodi add-ons as well as IPTV apps in a secure way.

ExpressVPN operating on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

ExpressVPN’s Fire TV Stick application.

Although it’s functional, the ExpressVPN Firestick application isn’t equipped with features that are available in the latest Firestick VPN apps, like the ones we have highlighted in the IPVanish reviews.

Although the ExpressVPN Firestick app is equipped with advanced settings like split tunneling as well as the shut-off switch (called Network Protection).

Browser Extensions


Microsoft Edge


ExpressVPN offers complete VPN extension for browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge. More than 1 million Chrome users and more than 90,000 Firefox users utilize these extensions.

The extension of ExpressVPN is compatible with Google Chrome ExpressVPN’s Chrome extension appears like the desktop application.

The majority of VPN browser add-ons that we evaluate are proxy services but not ExpressVPN’s. This is because they require the desktop application to be running simultaneously and act as an remote control for the complete VPN client.

In the end the browser extensions of ExpressVPN offer an almost identical degree of functionality as the complete VPN software. We think they are the best VPN extensions to Firefox and Chrome browsers.

ExpressVPN’s Browser Addons are Secure and Private

The security and privateness of these extensions is enhanced by the use of HTTPS Everywhere, a security tool created through The Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

HTTPS Everywhere protects your browser’s connection to insecure websites, but they aren’t using SSL certificates.

Additionally The ExpressVPN extensions have been the one browser extensions we’ve tested that block HTML5 IP leaks.

ExpressVPN’s Apps Can Be Easy to Setup and Utilize

Easy of Use

Ease of Utilization Rating


ExpressVPN is simple to use, regardless of the level of your expertise. The applications are among the top of the field – they’re easy to set up, simple and well-designed. Our tests showed that it takes just 5 minutes to sign up, install and begin using the VPN apps on virtually every device.

How do I connect to a Server via ExpressVPN



How do you connect to a Server using ExpressVPN on MacOS

How do I Change Settings in ExpressVPN



How do I connect to change settings for ExpressVPN on MacOS

To start using ExpressVPN you need to select your subscription plan, sign up for an account, and then enter the details of your payment.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be sent a confirmation email that includes an activation code, as well as an instruction manual for the device you’ve subscribed to.

Once you’ve installed ExpressVPN After you’ve installed it, you’ll see the ExpressVPN home screen will be a simple the big button to turn off or on as well as an extensive number of VPN servers.

You can also personalize your experience by altering the advanced settings within every app. These settings are identified and explained in plain English to ensure you know the procedure you’re using.

ExpressVPN Can Be Expensive, But is worth it

Value and Price

Price and Value Rating


ExpressVPN costs more than other VPN services including its main rival NordVPN. However, the most affordable subscription plan at $6.67 per month is a great value for the high-quality service it provides. Mobile customers can enjoy a seven-day trial for free and all plans are covered by a 30-day money back assurance.

The Monthly Subscription Costs of ExpressVPN’s ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers three different subscription plans, which all offer all of the features. The longer you sign up for the longer period, the lower the monthly price, but you’ll have to pay the entire amount of your subscription in advance.



Paid $12.95 each month

6 Month(s)


The cost is $59.95 each 6 months

Save 23 percent

15 Month(s)


Invoiced $99.95 for the first 15 months, and then 12 months after that.

Save 49 percent

The monthly plan is $12.95 per month. the six-month plan starts for $9.99 each month. A 15-month plan offers you a savings of 49 and brings the monthly cost lower to $6.67.

The prices listed are higher than average for an VPN service and even more costly than many competitors such as Surfshark or PrivateVPN. It’s nevertheless a great price for the most comprehensive VPN service you can find.

The operation of a massive VPN server network can be costly and preparing that network for torrenting and streaming is even more expensive. There are lower-cost VPNs on the market however they’re likely to be less efficient than ExpressVPN all-around.

Payment and Refund Options

ExpressVPN provides a free seven-day trial for the brand new Android as well as iOS customers. Each subscription comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days without questions asked.

To receive a complete refund, contact customer service within 30 days after the date of signing up. The refund will be processed within 5-10 working days.

Payment Methods

Different payment options offer various levels of privacy. But, ExpressVPN users simply pay via debit or credit cards, as well as PayPal.

Below is a complete list of payment options that ExpressVPN accepts


American Express












Yoo Money (

As well as the pay options that we have mentioned, you can sign up to ExpressVPN with Discover, Diner’s and JCB credit cards.

ExpressVPN does not accept cash-based payments. Cash-based payments are excellent for security, but it’s the only way to pay. IVPN as well as Mullvad VPN currently offer this payment option.

What is the cost of ExpressVPN When compared to other VPNs?

Below is a table that compares ExpressVPN’s most important pricing data with the top competitors, based upon the lowest monthly cost as well as the refund policy and the trial period that is free:

VPN Service Price and Price for Value Rating Cheapest Monthly Cost No Trial Period. Refund Policy

Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support is well-trained and 24/7.

Customer Support

Customer Support Rating


ExpressVPN is among the most attentive VPN services we’ve tested. It has a fantastic live chat support 24/7 as well as a helpful email support service, as well as a wide selection of comprehensive tutorials and guides on its knowledge base online.

LiveChat support 24 hours a day LiveChat assistance Yes

Yes, Email

Online Resources Yes

The 24/7 live chat service is excellent. If you encounter an issue, they’ll get you restored in the shortest time possible.

The support team is helpful and ensures that they ensure that you are satisfied before and after becoming an existing customer.

You can also contact customer support for equally prompt and helpful answers to your questions.

Chat between the ExpressVPN Chat agent on live.

There’s also a range of FAQs, guides to support as well as video tutorials, and troubleshooting tips accessible on the site. The help center on the web is accessible in more than 16 languages.

It may seem like a minor thing however, a well-run customer support is crucial when you encounter issues with your VPN service. While some competitors may be very close to ExpressVPN, ExpressVPN leads the industry in terms of customer service.