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Top 10 Best CRM Company in US (2022)

Best CRM Company in United States (2022) for business owners. USE this professional crm to surge your revenue in your business


This is all the more important in a time of challenging economic downturn due to pandemic. With CRM software, small business owners can retain and improve their relationships with customers. By doing this, you can boost your company’s profits by almost 100% percent. CRMs are geared toward small businesses, but can help your company as a whole. They offer both macro and micro views of tasks, customer information, and more. From sales tracking and calendar management tools to lead capturing, funneling, sales insights and forecasting, these tools offer more than just marketing. At this point, you should know where to apply your SMB CRM. You aren’t supposed to ask whether or not you need a CRM. Instead, now is the time to decide which CRM is best for your small business. Here are our top 10 picks and a guide on how to decide which one is best for your small business.
  • Avail Free Trial
  • Its starting price at $14.90/M
  • 24/7 Support
  • It provides lead capturing
  • It saves data on cloud
Top Rated
  • Get Started for Free
  • It starts at $45/M
  • Support Available
  • Email Scheduling
  • Data Sync
Top Rated
  • Get Free Trial for 14 Days
  • v$8 per seat ( 3 Seat Minimum)
  • Unlimited customizable pipelines
  • 24/7 Support Available
  • Organize all your team’s leads, contacts, & deals
Top Rated
  • It starts at $15/user/month, 
  • Provides free account
  • 24/7 Support Available
  • 21 Day Trial
  • Visually-assisted lead tracking
Top Rated
  • Multiple Sales Pipelines
  • $It provides Advanced Sales Reporting
  • User Roles and Restrictions
  • Custom Activity Types
  • Custom Training
Top Rated
  • 24 Hour Support available
  • It starts at $14/User/Month
  • Get 15 Day Free Trial
  • Good for sales, CS, and marketing teams
Top Rated
  • Enterprises and global companies
  • Price range :- $999+
  • No (Demos available)
  • Yes (additional module)
Top Rated


With 100,000+ businesses using the software, Pipedrive has a wide array of practical uses for sales processes. This automated tool helps with lead management, automating sales more efficiently, and making email campaigns easier from one software interface. Let’s have a closer look at this popular tool below:

Pipedrive provides sales personnel with complete visibility into sales pipelines. With a robust interface, every step of progress is displayed. From marketing to fulfillment, Pipedrive offers easy management of different business processes with the simple goal of getting more deals completed. If your pipeline is inactive, you can use the activity and goal tool to keep track of what needs to be done and what has been done so far. Pipedrive provides custom tools for reporting which allow you to visualize individual pipelines or compare all of your data in one window. Read Full Review

  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • 24/7 Support
  • Full email sync with templates and scheduling
  • Popular chatbot tool
  • It has strong mobile capabilities


Hubspot is a winner, having earned reviews and high ratings with all their software, making it the best options for small businesses looking to increase sales. It’s also entirely free.

The Hubspot CRM dashboard gives you all the pertinent information about your leads and offers tons of communications tools such as live chat and cross-team emails as well. With Gmail and Outlook integration, this software provides a central inbox for sales, marketing, and customer service teams to manage conversations.

For small businesses that don’t need advanced features, Hubspot provides the self-service content management and marketing solution. For example, Hubspot allows for an unlimited amount of users and storage that can reach up to a million contacts Read Full Review

  • Form Automation
  • Email Automation
  • Great Support Available
  • It provides Historical Sync
  • Manage your ads
  • User Management

Monday CRM offers over 150 templates for professionals and entrepreneurs to create a decent website, but the page editor is clunky at times. It can be pricey and forces you to upgrade to get essential features like search engine is a company which provides domain name and website building services, based in Jacksonville, Florida. They provide you with everything that you need to build your free or professional website including custom domain services and appears to be designed for first-time website builders, when there are other builders that do a better job of handling the basics of a site. The page editor is difficult to use and takes a long time to make simple changes. also makes it hard for your site to be found unless you upgrade.Web Culture provides unlimited web hosting and email plans. With, you also get a free domain with your purchase. Read Full Review

  • Unlimited customizable pipelines
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited boards
  • Templates for lead, contact & deal management
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Unlimited free viewers

& Many More


Freshworks CRM offers a great mix of automation, layout and powerful functionality. This tool, formerly known as Freshsales, was scaled all the way up to enterprise level and takes huge advantage of automation to help sales and marketing teams accomplish more every day.
You can also add ons to the platform, such as phone credits, workflow improvements, and integration with WhatsApp Business. Read Full Review

  • Visual Sales Pipeline 
  • Multiple pipelines feature
  •  AI-powered Predictive Contact Scoring 
  •  Sales Sequences 
  • Supports Bot
  • Contact Support via chat, email
  •  Time-based Workflows 
  • Support Whatsapp Business


Capsule CRM can be a great solution for companies that need an intuitive tool that sales personnel can use immediately without any training.
The dashboard allows businesses to create leads and track the deal flow throughout their pipeline. Capsule CRM can be integrated with a variety of business solutions, so it will fit into any company’s workflow. They even provide a starter CRM for up to 2 users and 250 contacts. Read Full Review

  • Multiple Sales Pipelines
  • It provides Advanced Sales Reporting
  • User Roles and Restrictions
  • Custom Activity Types
  • Custom Training


Zoho offers many options for small and medium-sized businesses with a limited budget. Although it is reasonably priced, Zoho has a lot to offer small and mid-sized businesses. It includes social media marketing capabilities and reports and forecasting tools. Although Zoho’s primary focus is on sales, the tool also offers solid tools for marketing and customer service teams. These include live chat customer support and website visitor tracking.
Clients who have used Zoho’s software before are in a better position. However, the CRM software can be used by anyone. It can integrate with Shopify, MailChimp and Office360. Zoho offers a free version that can be used by up to three users, with limited capabilities. There are also tiered plans that offer more user capacity and advanced features for businesses of all levels.
A new, pipeline-centric CRM has been developed and is priced specifically for small businesses. Bigin is available for free for 15 days. Begin was created to assist businesses in engaging prospects, managing pipelines, and closing deals. It costs $7 per user per month, integrates with G-suite, Zoho CRM, Microsoft 365 and Twitter, and is priced at $7/user per month Read Full Review

  • Document Library
  • Live Chat Support
  • Chatbot
  • Pipeline Management
  • Analytics
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Email Routing
  • Rest API


NetSuite is hard to beat in terms of power and customizability, although it comes with a steep learning curve. The user support is also quite limited for basic subscribers, another reason why smaller businesses may find the experience too labor-intensive. The suite, however, is extensive enough to replace a variety of other operational and logistical applications (like CRM and HR), which can ultimately reduce the overall cost, both in terms of labor and money. 

NetSuite is an excellent solution for enterprises and global companies that need to manage large operations with many moving parts and which have the human and financial resources to use NetSuite’s powerful platform to build the perfect ERM solution.

  • Highly customizable
  • Extremely powerful budgeting, forecasting and reporting
  • All-in-one solution (HR, project management, inventory, etc.)

What is CRM Software?

CRM helps track your contacts on all stages of the customer’s journey, from marketing touch to conversion and beyond. CRMs help connect with third-party software platforms, becoming the epicenter of how you manage your customer’s journey.

While it is plausible for a small business to try and replicate functionality in a spreadsheet, this design style is cumbersome enough that you’ll be frustrated once your customer list grows beyond 100 entries.

CRM systems are not just easier to use, but they’ll also help automate processes, such as automatically setting up calendar reminders with dynamic prioritization and new sales opportunities. They also integrate with your other customer data like interactions and responses from your help desk.

With CRM software, business prospects can be identified to better understand where existing customers may need a service upgrade or product. Salespeople are also able to prevent the same customer from purchasing multiple times. Lastly, their team is more productive and collaborative with a CRM system than without it.

Things you should know before buying CRM

Choosing the right customer relationship management software is a significant investment. Most users choose their pricing and features based on how their salespeople are going to use the software. However, there are additional factors to consider beyond that, such as what your company’s needs are, and the appropriate business case.

Expensive implementation and initial costs that might not seem immediate are an issue. So are ongoing expenses like maintenance, upgrades and incorporating with technology, as well as trainers or systems necessary for this integration. Not to mention, you need to consider the cost of the software itself which typically runs $5-20 per seat.

What’s more, many CRM vendors are trending away from customer relationship tools and are expanding into areas beyond customer relationships. It is becoming increasingly common for CRM to represent the entire sales lifecycle with multiple customizable processes along the way. These changes in trends mean that a large degree of customization is needed to make these tools work.

With proper guidance, you can avoid installation disasters and costly mistakes by taking advantage of free trials. Be sure to have different department colleagues try out the software to ensure its success in each situation.

Most vendors offer at least a 14-day trial. Some, including Monday, HubSpot and Zoho CRM offer free plans, albeit with limited features or users. These can either serve as a full-time solution for small companies or a long-term trial for larger companies.